Well the start of January we thought (ok I thought) we should update the bedroom. Well technically we have a new bed on order one that I may fit in. Being 6ft is no fun when your in a regular double bed with a foot bar. You see what I mean below. Anyway we ordered our bed and I convinced Mr H that we were in need of a paint makeover and new carpet. Poor Mr H has been subjected to adopting a Nick Knowles persona whilst I hopped around being Carol Smilie..... Smily smily! Ok so really we turned to instant cafe latte sachets and chocolate bars to set us through the cold work. Foolish I am painting in Jan, with windows open. Did not complain in case I was met with a LOOK from Mr H!

So so far we have got to the point as in the picture above of no return I guess you would say, but onwards and upwards!! We are hoping to finish the room this week, and have changed bedrooms temporarily, our bed is currently squished into the spare room.

Hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to reveal the finished look. No 60 minutes for us!
Now to other WIP... the ripple blanket. I have started (on Sat) and so I will finish!
Both Mr H and my brother thought it was hilarious that I had spent most of Sat evening completing the first row of the ripple blanket. Ah well all good things eh! No sketching this weekend but we will see how the week goes. I have promised to drop of some valentine goodies next Saturday for the stores I supply in Leicestershire. Still have to fit in making yet. Better get my skates on.

Love the green yarn which reflects the lush green in the tulip stems!
Ciao x


Alexandra Mason said...

Good luck with your ripple blanket, hope you have a great week xx

sooziebee said...

hey there, can't wait to see the bedroom once you have finished it, sod the sketchbook for this weekend, walls are more important!! i have MADE myself do some today, altho have been in my pyjamas since about 2.30pm after the caravan weekend and not much sleep due to a dog who just NEEDED to get on our bed every five mins thru out the night x

Kayla coo said...

You are spring cleaning early!
Look forward to seeing your make over finished.x