My week in pictures PART 1

Last Sunday we went to Bodenham Aboretum..... it was beautiful the colours of leaves were fantastic this one in particular really stood out.

Then Monday I found myself travelling to France.... along with 42 pupils and 4 members of staff.
Tuesday was spent in this place.......

Halloween celebrations Mickey Mouse style.

It was quite an odd experience, I have visited the park many times when I have taken pupils on the school trips and once when I was young. It has an unusual sort of charm. It was sweet seeing all the small childrens eyes filled with wonder. But odd to see adults, mooching around going mad for Mickey.

Lots of people it was very busy!!

OOOH snacks at lunch.

I took myself off for a walk and recorded lots of amazing little finds. It was a fine balance between a pretend reality and the very plastic fake feeling bright Halloween pumpkins, but I found beautiful pattern in lots of places.

OOPS more snacks !!

Ceiling of a walkway.

So tame the little French bird.

Store windows.

Display of vintage patchworks in an old fashioned cafe.

Quite inspirational.

It turned very dark and the park was strangely illuminated.

Then more pattern from the coach window whilst touring Paris on Wednesday.

In reflection this week, I have decided to learn to speak French..... I will keep you all informed.
I also decided to travel more and read Jane Austen's Novels. (Two English teachers went on the trip) I was inspired!!
Yesterday I spent the day (after a long sleep in), tidying the house and moving furniture. Today has been shopping and making a ottoman into a shaby chic window seat. Currently drying!!
Also so EXCITED we managed to get Jamie Cullum tickets for next May in Birmingham. Just caught up with his Radio 2 session tht played this evening.


A bit of this and that..................


To my little bolt hole.

This is now my official mess making room or as I like to think of it my lil studio.

I mentioned I was working on a few things, this was one of them I may try to pull together a few more of these neck warmers to sell on Etsy. What do you think??? My intention was to try to get ready for a local Christmas Craft Fair but fear I am running out of time. After the wedding.....being poorly.... oh and a full time teaching job.....there is very little time left. Plus this half term I am heading off for three days on a school trip to France.

Finally finished my crocheted panel, I should have photographed the back too, as I have used a sweet vintage fabric to make an envelope style cushion back. I do like it, but I am now thinking of putting it up for sale. One way ticket to Etsy I think.

Another cushion, the front read's 'OOH ER ME HEARTY'

My talented sibling..... Now it may not be your thing to see car's on a textiley type blog, but I had to share this with the world. He is super clever, having built his own car. It has featured in this months Kit Car mag. So if you see a copy have nose, as its that there Piccalily girls brother.

5 dedicated pages and the front cover, very proud was I. Although strangely shocked too to read he is anticipating completing more of these erm.......... large scale projects.
Well done bro!!

Here he is...... in the last pic.

To end on a fabric high note.... a little textiles vintage purchasefrom Viv at Hensteeth. Well it was just rude to leave her over in Etsy.



Well this evening has come along and then gone again. What have I done.... Hmm well I logged on, became distracted by working out how to upload a picture from poopeegirl and then became even more distracted up loading said image on to the school intranet. (Think that is the correct technical term). This is so I have a picture on my profile page. So sad I know.

So I have not really got round to.....

1. Completing any more work for school

2. Any more work done on the 101 WIP's

3. Uploading pictures I took on Sunday for afore mentioned blog.

To top it off my bottom is now numb and I think I am stuck to the chair in the kitchen. The upshot of this is I am close to the biscuit tin. YIKES


Friend's and Flowers

I am so lucky to have lovely friends. Friday there was a knock at the door and on opening it I was greeted with this lovely arrangement of flowers. They came from the same florist (Paula's) who did my wedding flowers. Very clever ladies..... the sender was my beautiful friend Beth. Who cheered me up from my gloomy I feel sorry for myself being stuck indoors with a virus state!
Bloomin marvellous flowers.

Ah one of my fave pic's.

Hmmm its cake o' clock in our house!
Did I mention I love cupcakes??
Popped out for milk..... there just happens to be a Laura Ashley by Sainsburys near us, OOPS so I accidentally purchased a cute new mug.....(and cardigan (in the sale!)).
Oh and could not resist his charming buddy.

Did I also tell you about my oh so clever friend Beth?? She did this for me before I left school for the summer. She made it !! very clever lady and filled it with scented bath bombs candles and Wedding goodies. When I opened it I burst in to tears it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. Its amazing how a scent transports you back to a moment in time, every time I open up the box for a sniff I am transported back to July.
I haven't the heart to take all the bits out, so I treat myself every now and then with a cheeky lil look inside.
Oooh a cupcake.... heavens!!.
Let them eat cake!!
So today as i feel a lot better I have made Sean's favourite, chocolate brownies. He has after all suffered over the last two weeks hearing me moan about feeling so ill.
I even wrapped up a few for my friends at work who have covered all my classes whilst I have been away.
Ciao for now X


A Porschen of Peggy

Being off work ill is no fun, however I have started to feel a lot better today, after dosing myself with various potions supplied by the doctor on my two visits! So I have been trawling the blog world and well you know one thing leads to another. I have found a rather fun and exciting new blog Tcakes just lovely. I am very nosey and was delighted to read about everything she has been getting up to of late.

She too is a fan of Queen Peggy Porschen..... as I have been under the weather I did not mention about the Sainsburys mag cupcake masterclass article I fell upon after a dash to said store for small provisions probably CHOCOLATE and of course milk!

This divine wedding cake was inspiration for my cupcake colour scheme for my wedding, as our budget did not stretch to the GAWJUS cakey delight above. Sigh........ we did our own thing more FUN that way though.

The inspiration behind the Macmillan cakes I made.

Must say though credit where it is due the wee lassy from Tcakes is a whiz at the cake creations. I will try to keep up to date with that one!

Also check out RubysMammaMadeIt a truly idyllic lifestyle!
Well that is me done I am off for a snooze to recharge my batteries.