A Porschen of Peggy

Being off work ill is no fun, however I have started to feel a lot better today, after dosing myself with various potions supplied by the doctor on my two visits! So I have been trawling the blog world and well you know one thing leads to another. I have found a rather fun and exciting new blog Tcakes just lovely. I am very nosey and was delighted to read about everything she has been getting up to of late.

She too is a fan of Queen Peggy Porschen..... as I have been under the weather I did not mention about the Sainsburys mag cupcake masterclass article I fell upon after a dash to said store for small provisions probably CHOCOLATE and of course milk!

This divine wedding cake was inspiration for my cupcake colour scheme for my wedding, as our budget did not stretch to the GAWJUS cakey delight above. Sigh........ we did our own thing more FUN that way though.

The inspiration behind the Macmillan cakes I made.

Must say though credit where it is due the wee lassy from Tcakes is a whiz at the cake creations. I will try to keep up to date with that one!

Also check out RubysMammaMadeIt a truly idyllic lifestyle!
Well that is me done I am off for a snooze to recharge my batteries.

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