Evolution of a theme

Hi again, Im pleased to be able to post so frequently this week, Im sure it will not last (sigh; such little faith Samantha). Oh thats me by the way... I wasn't actually christened Piccalily or Blossom, tehe.
Anyway one digresses AGAIN!

So what's been going down, apart from the white stuff. If you missed out here is video evidence that it did snow on Tues, and yes I am sad enough to stand and video it on the camera.

Technical hitch VIDEO A NO NO SORRY I know you all wanted to see but look closely and you can see white blur's in my pic :)
Watch out Mr Spielberg! Well obviously no competition here.
So what else have I been up to?
I have made these little ladies.

And these Heart shaped Christmas dec's.

Today was supposed to be my second stitchathon day, but I found Laura Ashley calling me as there is 10% off the lovely garments. Well as Im trying to go all vintage thought it rude not to pop in. Much to my moms, erm delight I think...... she has the patience of a saint as she was yes...ing and no...ing to the clothes I was trying on.
So tonight we have had this:

Jamie Olivers CHILLI (note Mr Olivers entourage if one is to read this I am championing the cause).
And made these hence the evolution title, they are the favours for our wedding next year Im just trying to be organised. They started too small, then looked too plain so they mutated (altered) into these babies.

Front Back

Quite pleased so just off to make another 31 thats if my Snow video clip ever loads. Im sure Ill be inundated with viewers for that anyhow????



Pass it on!

What a lovely day!! Bicester shopping village..........LOVED IT.
My friend and I decided to treck along to the Bicester shopping village today, so I started half term off with a bang. Managed to purchase the most yummy winter goodies to finish off the Christmas shopping.

Had to pop in the Cath Kidston shop, felt it was the law! The bag in my hand just wouldn't let me go without her! I was sooo excited quite the billy bargain. Decided it would be the pivotal item to kickstart my new look. I ll see if I can pull it off. Quirky vintage.

Ermm what else.. Well not sure if anyone has watched the Jamie Oliver prog of late but we have been trialling the new recipies from his new book. EVERY single thing we have cooked so far has been DEEEEEEEEEElicious. So just as good old Jamie has instructed I thought I'd pass them on to you guys.
The weekend we had stew,

You will need Stewing beef 750g for 4-6
2 sticks of celery
2 carrots
2 onions
A spoon of plain flour
400g tin of chopped tomatoes
500ml of ale/stout/guiness
3 bay leaves
It was the second time I cooked this, I did think it needed more veg in order to fill up three grown men, so I just added an extra spoon of flour/another tin of tomatoes and veg (celery/carrots).
Chop the veg and simmer for 10mins in a glug of olive oil, add the beef and flour stir through. Add the ale and tomatoes and bay leaves, bring to the boil. Then place in the oven 200 degrees c for 3 hours, or leave simmering on the hob.
Delish with chunky warm bread.
Going to start the making extravaganza tommorrow and wed..... might make some more christmas decorations.
So many ideas so little time.


The package...Yoga...Late night blogging

Very excited today to arrive home to a package. OOOO I do love post, despite knowing what was inside I was still very happy

So to the contents:

Lovely books, new reading material and a lovely lovely SKETCHBOOK. These little moleskine sketch book are great to work in as the pens, pencils move really smoothly over the surface. Trouble is I now have a sort of writers block.

What do I record on these lovely pages and where to start. Im as bad as my school pupils who sit and stare at the pristine white pages in the books for fear something may bite them or 'go wrong' ? So the pages are blank at the mo just sitting waiting for inspiration.

Not sure where my energy came from this evening. I think it was my yoga class it's only the third time I have been so don't start thinking I can stand on my head. My teacher is lovely though and I feel more alive and refreshed after going. I would like to point out that this is really my only form of excercise apart from walking as Im quite a lazy sausage. So here I am again in blogland and to me its quite late and almost time for Bedfordshire!

So things to look forward to.... tomorrow is a school training day. EUGHH. But the upshot is we are going to start making the cakestand for 'the wedding' next year. HURRAH. (Obviously not in school time!). It's then half term hurrah again so Im looking forward to a wee bit of crafting.

May visit Bilston Art and Craft Gallery local to me to see 'Celebration' 4Oct-1Nov celebrating 25yrs of Wolverhampton Embroiderers' Guild work.www.wolverhamptonart.org.uk/bilston

Also may try to see the Whale at the Mail box in Birmingham. http://www.bbc.co.uk/birmingham/content/articles/2008/09/24/balena_whale_project_feature.shtml

Enjoy X


TAG your IT

Thanks Viv at http://hensteethart.blogspot.com/ for tagging me.

I was never very good at catching other kids round the playground, lets hope I do a little better at this game.

Tagging Rules

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SEVEN FACTS about moi.....

1. There is nothing quite like a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake....Especially Victoria Sandwich!

2. I have been crafty since a very small age probably 4 or 5, I used to play 'Blue Peter' talking outloud as I would cut and stick, sew and make as if I was a presenter.

3. I would love to fly round a car race track by the seat of my pants.... Not sure Id like to drive the car but be driven WaHOooooOO the thrills.

4. My first sewing machine was a tiny machine like this.....Those were the days.Loved this !!!

5. I am a stationary addict and love organising things/ filing papers and filling in forms. GEEK!

6. I have just joined a yoga class and the teacher is lovely. I feel 100% calmer as a result and hopefully it will help my poorly back.

7. Im getting married next August to Sean (who puts up with a lot) we are having a Vintage/Afternoon Tea/Fete style wedding hmmmmmmmmm I wonder where I got that idea from??
Thanks had lots of fun doing this, I hope the following blogtastic people also enjoy it.
TAG >>>>>>Your it :)

Oh my.......GOURD

The Gourds!!

Hello to all fellow bloggers.

Apologies for not being around much lately, I will not bore you with the details but just say a few words like..... teaching...family.....Icelandic BANKS !!! GRRRR....living/existing.....school trips.....school in general.

Life eh its hard to find time to make bits and bobs and when I do get a minute something seems to crop up. But hey ho. Thanks Viv for giving me a virtual HELLOO where are you, it shook my tail feather enough to kick start me back into action.

So I haven't really been that creative. In a textiles sense. I have been in the kitchen cooking so I guess that maybe counts. I was getting a little overwhelemed with it all and decided it was time to chill out a little...embrace the Autumn nights light a few candles and cook stews (courtesy of Mr Olivers new book/Its fab).

So here is my little bit of sanctuary.....

The dresser makes another appearance; dressed for Autumn....

Very sophisticated an evening meal by candlelight (my hollowed out Gourds). These little fellas were given to me by my fab friend Beth who had them from her dad all the way from France!....

Buttons from the USA hurrah..... to think I had a button phobia as a child the weirdness of it all.....

Retail therapy....can't see in the box though Christmas presents......

I did cheer myself up with a washed roses knitting bag for the knitting club Knit and Natter its more PC than stitch and bitch especially at school.

Thanks for catching up with me.