Simple Things #6

The kindness of strangers.

I have been that busy preparing for today's craft fair that I have not posted in a while. But did want to mention that two weeks ago whilst shopping in Sainsbury's I didn't have the correct change for the pesky trolley. I asked a lady if she could help and she kindly gave me this token (its like a little present really) which sits in my purse at all times now. I was so happy that she did that; it really made me smile and realise there are some amazing, generous and helpful people still in this world. I hope you have a good week, my goal this week is to complete a random act of kindness as a sort if thank you for my positive experience.

Blossam xx


Tea Break

Craft sale this Sunday at Essington Fruit Farm. Just finishing off a few things but its time for a wee break 11's ... tea and a Mr Skele ginger bread yum.


Simple Things #5

Sitting in the candlelight crocheting with the smell of Christmas to come and winter filling the air from my candle. It's a shame my picture doesn't convey the coziness! Enjoy your evening x


Simple Things #4

Sunday morning early crochet before the world awakes. Whilst singing along to Nerina Pallot, I'll admit probably off key! Enjoy the day ahead.
Blossom x


Jesus Christ Superstar

Going out on a week night eh, whatever next. Reports of the show to follow!
Enjoy your eve too Blossom x


Simple Things #3

Freshly washed covers on my bed. Heavenly.