Learning to love.....

Looking after yourself. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I am told. (NOTE: any meal is important to me I love eating!). I have been awake since 5.30am not in a woe is me I can't sleep way more of a get up and do something kind of way. So as I lay there I planned my breakfast! Oh how lucky I am I know to lie awake and only worry about the first meal of the day. What a luxury thank goodness for half term. X Ciao X


A very British Bank holiday!

Rain....on the downside, wet, cold, grey, dull.......on the up....chance to stay indoors drink countless cups of tea, sit in a comfy chair and catch up on my reading. Happy BH Monday to all enjoy whatever the weather.


In my free time......

I have recently watched the three twilight films. I must confess that I really like them despite my reservations due to the hype when they were released. Anyway I have now started reading the first book, which I am also really enjoying. Some folks may think my actions slightly backwards as its more usual to read the book first. Luckily it's quite different though so still captivating. Also decided to develop my crochet skills, brushing up on my counting and use of memory I managed to create the first of many squares to come. I just hope they do not become another of my great unfinished ideas.


Mainly coveting.......

Emma Bridgwater's sampler range. Which in the bigger scheme of setting up home elsewhere is not really a priority at all.....Blossom! (note to self talk to oneself 'NO' is the correct word you should hear).  Anyway my secret love for all things red has risen its red ......head again ha ha see what I did there. I have always said ewwww no not red but really RED is a strong, happy, bold colour what was I thinking?

[You may by now be sick of my obsession with that there anaryllis but 'blooming' heck it does have four flowers in the making. Which beats its earlier attempt at a floral showcase.]
Ciao x


Spread your wings and fly....

It's funny how time changes us. My ever thoughtful friend Elsie today left me a little postcard and cheery nail varnish treat. She is soo thoughtful. Thought it made a cute pic. The bird necklace a gift to myself to remind me to spread my wings and fly again. Have a nice weekend xXx


Second chances

Not only did the amaryllis bloom once earlier this year with two flower heads, but it's decided to bloom a second time.

As I said in one of my previous posts there are lots of changes taking place in my life. I feel like it is my turn to bloom again and see where life takes me. Ethel and I are moving home soon to start a new life. Wish us luck.