Somewhere over the rainbow

Rainbow spotting on the M6 well you have to pass the time somehow. Now where's that wizard?


Tea break.....

Still hard at it, just time for an afternoon tea break. Ethel has been stock checking. She is a worker that rabbit!

Working 9 till 5

MORNING !   I would say early birds but its now 10.00am, and I am a wee bit concerned my list had already gone by the way side. Job 1 start and finish step moms birthday gift ready for party celebrations Sat. Job  2 well I am still getting over job 1 so we will see how it pans out. Have a good old day folks. Hi to Gina  and Quinn thanks for your frequent comments. Have fun ya'll X


The wrong stitches...

AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH think that about covers my angst. I have just happily spent the last half an hour knitting the wrong stitches, oh joy! Now this either calls for 1. A knitting interlude or 2. More posh choc's. I  think number 2 could win.

The problem with the voluptuous Nigella teapot and other stories.

Sunday..... a lazy day to launch into the half term holiday nicely. There has been much tea drinking today, but a shocking revelation made me see that Cath Kidston and Nigella do not see eye to eye, sigh... this will just not do. Mainly due to the plump shape of the teapot!
In other news I have started to knit a small cardigan for my friends baby due in April, as I am fully aware of my drifting action from project to project I thought I had better start now. This has however resulted in more emergency tea and a few posh choc's to boot. This is as they say the life.


The Town of Bridgnorth

A whistle stop visit to a historic market town today, ended with bagging some granny chic booty. Let the making commence!



I am sooo excited I could squeel. Control Blossom control ! Anyhoo I just finished preparing a little meal and cheeky sticky date, Apple and walnut crumble. Using a bit of inspiration from old Sophie. This is all for  tomorrow evening, when another of mine and Mr H's great mates monsieur le Christof will be dropping by for some nosh and a wee blast on the old computer console. Wahoo yeeha and all that. It's half term as of the morrow and I have a week off yet more reason to be excited.  Yippety doo dah yippety eh. ciao all x


WOW Hurrah, yipee finally my winter pansies have burst into life.



Tonight is all about the IDEA, for a hand embroidered 50th birthday gift for my step mom. So we take the following, mix it up and wait for the idea to flourish all with a little help from my chum Ethel.


Make a wish.....

What a hoot I have had today. Once again I have been completely spoilt. Thank you everyone who wished me well on this celebratory day of my birth. Cheers ma, what a life to date.
Happy Birthday Monda too we share a day in the calendar. Never too big for a cake !  


Yeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaa

Nope I honestly have not gone all rodeo on you fellow blogger's, I guess I am just a little delirious after uploading images etc to my Etsy page. YUP you got it Pic & Blos is all systems go on the 'selling on the Internet front'.

I must just say a big thank you to Quinn who really gave me the extra push I had needed to go LIVE . After the comments on my last post it made me think!! Yes WHY am I spending my time selling my second hand goods on e-bay when I should upload the pics of my handmade goodies to Etsy. {So thanks soooooooo much and as a special treat Quinn if you read this drop me a line and we will talk turkey (te he). What I mean is I will make you a special knitted brooch all for you just to say thanks}

So go ahead everyone have a mooch around the lil shop and drop me a line, to say ha 'call that a shop' or maybe even a 'oh well done you managed it after all this time' sort of a comment. Either way I would certainly be chuffed to bits.

Ok so my lil shop is certainly in its infant years, heck this baby isn't even walking yet but I do hope to improve my picture taking, products and written word to fine tune this machine into a hum dinger!!

On that note I must be off to calm down before I try to catch those ZZZZZZZZ's

Night all.....Blossom X


Chookie egg lunches

It's been a fairly laid back Saturday morning here. Few chores done {check}, and time to stop for lunch. I am very sad and have been checking my phone like a crazed individual for updates on my eBay sales. Ooh I love making a few pennies.(my dear friend Elsie has however informed me its technically a swap if you rebuy items) ah what's a girl to do. X