Yeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaa

Nope I honestly have not gone all rodeo on you fellow blogger's, I guess I am just a little delirious after uploading images etc to my Etsy page. YUP you got it Pic & Blos is all systems go on the 'selling on the Internet front'.

I must just say a big thank you to Quinn who really gave me the extra push I had needed to go LIVE . After the comments on my last post it made me think!! Yes WHY am I spending my time selling my second hand goods on e-bay when I should upload the pics of my handmade goodies to Etsy. {So thanks soooooooo much and as a special treat Quinn if you read this drop me a line and we will talk turkey (te he). What I mean is I will make you a special knitted brooch all for you just to say thanks}

So go ahead everyone have a mooch around the lil shop and drop me a line, to say ha 'call that a shop' or maybe even a 'oh well done you managed it after all this time' sort of a comment. Either way I would certainly be chuffed to bits.

Ok so my lil shop is certainly in its infant years, heck this baby isn't even walking yet but I do hope to improve my picture taking, products and written word to fine tune this machine into a hum dinger!!

On that note I must be off to calm down before I try to catch those ZZZZZZZZ's

Night all.....Blossom X


Gina said...

Congratulations on opening your shop...Such pretty things, I hope you sell out!

quinn said...

Aw, shucks...'twarn't nothin'! :)