Carboot Conundrum

I thought it was about time I introduced myself properly after all I have whiled away many hours peering into others lives. I would like to thank Hensteethart for being my inspiration, a little beacon of light actually since I met her at Flair Fair back in June. I have followed her blog over the last few months and so here it is now I dip my own tootsies into the pool of inspiration!! Hurrrah.

So WHY have I not been manically blogging since my last post.... I will fill you in however you may require liquid refreshment as you may be here a little while.

Carboot sales, one mans junk is anothers treasure, well at least I hope that someone will want to find some treasure in my little pile of goodies. As pictured here. I have had big sort out this summer whilst being away from school and I thought that here is no better way of acquiring a few funds than a carboot sale. Heres the conundrum.......the weather. I do love Britain but the weather is another thing entirely and so I wait with baited breath for the chance to sell my goodies. According to the good old BBC weather I may be in with chance tommorrow.

Which brings me nicely to today. I was so pleased to see that the sun was out today that I decided it was only right to record the momentous ocassion. So here are a few shots from my garden.

Sean loves sunflowers. So we have a number of them round the garden. Anyway on a trip round to the compost bin one of the days something caught my eye, lo and behold four little apples sat nestled in the tree above. I didn't even realise that it was a fruit tree but hey presto. I feel very proud of our four fruits! Not sure exactly what variety they are but I think they are edible.
After watching Jimmy Doherty this week on 'Jimmy and the wild honey hunters' BBC. I found out that the humble bumble bee is dying out and without these little fellas our beautiful flowers will not be pollinated. Its very sad so I was very excited to see this humble bumble hard at work today.

Finally .... Welsh dresser Wednesday. I spent the day Wednesday stripping varnish and sanding, then fixing a little Welsh dresser which now sits proudly in the kitchen. I was so excited to find my grandad had this in his garage gathering dust. It was rescued by myself and the mother and I gave it bit of TLC this week. Mum was a bit teary eyed when I showed her as it had been her moms when she was still with us.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this rather long winded post. I promise to keep it short and sweet in future. Enjoy the sun.


New to this malarky

I have been so impressed with blogs from those diehard bloggers out there that I thought I ought to join the fun. Well that and the fact that really I ought to be more motivated with my creative work. Thus I have decided to enter into the realms of IT and start this blog.
It is quite scary to tell the truth as Im not really sure what Im doing but in for a penny in for a pound. Im rambling already.

I better just go and get on with it! Byee for now