Well the start of January we thought (ok I thought) we should update the bedroom. Well technically we have a new bed on order one that I may fit in. Being 6ft is no fun when your in a regular double bed with a foot bar. You see what I mean below. Anyway we ordered our bed and I convinced Mr H that we were in need of a paint makeover and new carpet. Poor Mr H has been subjected to adopting a Nick Knowles persona whilst I hopped around being Carol Smilie..... Smily smily! Ok so really we turned to instant cafe latte sachets and chocolate bars to set us through the cold work. Foolish I am painting in Jan, with windows open. Did not complain in case I was met with a LOOK from Mr H!

So so far we have got to the point as in the picture above of no return I guess you would say, but onwards and upwards!! We are hoping to finish the room this week, and have changed bedrooms temporarily, our bed is currently squished into the spare room.

Hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to reveal the finished look. No 60 minutes for us!
Now to other WIP... the ripple blanket. I have started (on Sat) and so I will finish!
Both Mr H and my brother thought it was hilarious that I had spent most of Sat evening completing the first row of the ripple blanket. Ah well all good things eh! No sketching this weekend but we will see how the week goes. I have promised to drop of some valentine goodies next Saturday for the stores I supply in Leicestershire. Still have to fit in making yet. Better get my skates on.

Love the green yarn which reflects the lush green in the tulip stems!
Ciao x


TULIPS !!! Early Spring has sprung

My all time favourite flower, I love the colours, structure and way they cheekily droop when they have had enough to drink. Lucky me my dear husband, bought me some Wednesday as a little surprise. I wanted to sketch them then, but marking beckoned. So here is last nights attempt. We are very excited as we will be paying a visit to the bulb fields this year. OOH what a sight that will be.

Thought it only right after I had promised to share the present I made Elsie. Its a little bag to put all your worries in. Write them down then pop them in the pretty bag!


Weekend events

Ahh yet more white stuff this weekend, and I am not talking milk (OK work on silly jokes)
Mr H had been eyeing up the competition hot on the block.

He was missing for a while when I realised he was busy building himself a snowman.

Quite a tall snowman!

I was busy marking A level work at the time but could not resist going out to goof in the snow (I did finish my marking by the way).

After far too much cold stuff we came inside for a nice mug of posh hot choc (Whittards Christmas pressie!)

I have been inspired of late by Sooziebee who is writing about her trials and triumphs practising her drawing skills following the advice of Mr Gregory. So I ordered the book from Amazon and got to it. Well to say I sat and drew till my hearts content would be a BIG lie. I wanted to, but ended up spending too little time Sunday evening doing what I wanted and went to bed a bit cross. Boo hoo eh! Ahh I just need to get on with it (with everything that is)

My efforts.

So I am off have a very busy week ahead, tomorrow I am going to watch Arabian Nights ( taking notes as I will be assisting with costume production for our school version) with school in Stratford so we will probably not get home till 11.30pm and that is after a full day teaching (8.00am till 11.30pm thats some shift). Also have open evening this week. Aww too much so little time.
But I am excited about my birthday next month as I have decided to have a throw back 80's party just like I had as a child, with rabbit shaped jelly and a duck shaped celebration cake which I have roped my nan into. Oh dear!! Poor nan.
Well your only 30 once!
Ciao X


Crazy Week so far

It all began on a Monday.....

I was not too concerned about returning to work. I was all ready heading out early due to the ice and snow and low and behold my little vehicle decided not to cooperate. It had what you may call a tizzy! So Mr H had to make a BIG diversion to my place of work before heading off himself.

In the evening dear Polly decided to come back to life, and has been spending her evenings in the garage ever since!

(The crazy week)

The rest of the week, well it could only get better right!

ERM..... as you all know by Wednesday most of the UK looked slightly whiter than usual.

Our school was still open for business, so off I went Wednesday dressed for arctic conditions. On top of that I had foolishly left the tree up to be taken down oh clever me! It was all a bit much really.

However today was a SNOW DAY. So.........

I tidied the house and decided to paint a cupboard.

From this.....

To this......

Ahhh quite pleased am I!!
Ciao X


Heigh ho heigh ho..... its back to school I go.....

Well ever since I have been small I have always returned to school with a new bag, and possibly a pencil case. Lucky me this Christmas my brother in law and his family bought me a Cath Kidston spotty number!!! Too exciting. Anyway I have spent some time this afternoon writing my school reports, making a small gift for my best mate Elsie all to be revealed when she opens it. Whilst listening to Jamie Cullum's new album (Christmas Gift from Mr H/we are going to see him in May very very excited about that too.) I have listened to it several times now and it is another winner in my book! I do know that Mr Cullum is not everyones cup 'o' tea but he is very good. His Rihanna cover please don't stop the music is fab fab fab, and I do not like Rihanna's tracks sorry Rihanna fans.

So I will leave you all be, I am off to knit a broach to go with my outfit for school. I was sad when I caught up with the ironing and organised my wardrobe, (well section of it) into outfits. Thought a nice jaunty red broach was in need for the morning.


A feeling that 2010 will be a good one!!

Well this morning I was awoke by the sound of someone knocking at our door. YIKES.....I opened my eyes and said to Mr H erm I think somone is at the door. I did wonder if I had overslept and Mr H's sister was at the door. Luckily this was not so and Mr H bounded out of bed to the door, then shouted the magic words.......It has been snowing followed by and you have a Cath Kidston Parcel................................................... i shot out of bed grabbed my camera and hey presto.

The magic Mr Postie footprints.

OOOH The parcel

Even Dougle came to see what had arrived!! My new paisley stone oil cloth purse (sale bargain) and bed linen for (the to be decorated) bedroom of Mr and Mrs H.


Hope you had fun again today!


New Year ....New you?

Well steady on......its a New Year at least.

Our day has consisted of playing Cluedo, then playing Scrabble. I was very excited by my winning score and word combination which gained me 51 points. The word was quince by the way. Mr H found an invitiation in the box to join a scrabble games group. Yikes !! The pressure, we decided not to pursue this idea.

The score sheet WAHOOOO!

So apart from reading Country Homes and Interiors and the Feb edition of Simply knitting I have not done a lot at all. This is worrying in one way, but the reality is I am storing energy and ideas ready to blast school report writing and textiles projects.

I will not make you yawn with the talk of my frustrations of which project next, the little time I have and yadda yadda......

My resolution........... I didn't have one as such which makes you feel refreshingly unpressured.
Instead I have chosen to take each day as it comes, whilst trying to make at least one person feel good about themselves each day.

Mission accomplished today Mr H is feeling most excellent (probably due to peace and quiet and watching TV without me giving him any jobs to do. TeHe)

I hope your first day started as you mean to go on. X