Weekend events

Ahh yet more white stuff this weekend, and I am not talking milk (OK work on silly jokes)
Mr H had been eyeing up the competition hot on the block.

He was missing for a while when I realised he was busy building himself a snowman.

Quite a tall snowman!

I was busy marking A level work at the time but could not resist going out to goof in the snow (I did finish my marking by the way).

After far too much cold stuff we came inside for a nice mug of posh hot choc (Whittards Christmas pressie!)

I have been inspired of late by Sooziebee who is writing about her trials and triumphs practising her drawing skills following the advice of Mr Gregory. So I ordered the book from Amazon and got to it. Well to say I sat and drew till my hearts content would be a BIG lie. I wanted to, but ended up spending too little time Sunday evening doing what I wanted and went to bed a bit cross. Boo hoo eh! Ahh I just need to get on with it (with everything that is)

My efforts.

So I am off have a very busy week ahead, tomorrow I am going to watch Arabian Nights ( taking notes as I will be assisting with costume production for our school version) with school in Stratford so we will probably not get home till 11.30pm and that is after a full day teaching (8.00am till 11.30pm thats some shift). Also have open evening this week. Aww too much so little time.
But I am excited about my birthday next month as I have decided to have a throw back 80's party just like I had as a child, with rabbit shaped jelly and a duck shaped celebration cake which I have roped my nan into. Oh dear!! Poor nan.
Well your only 30 once!
Ciao X


sooziebee said...

ahh dont let it make you cross, lovely to hear that you are following the book, I'm finding it great!! Looking forward to seeing your sketches x

Alexandra Mason said...

Hi hope you are having a good week. We had more snow last night! Hope you are enjoying your sketching xx

maggik1 said...

Good on ya with the sketching! I left that one out of my NYRs because I know I'm such a coward. Why is that - I don't have to show the results to anyone? I'll have a look at the book, though - it MIGHT inspire me? Did you enjoy the Arabian Nights - I'd love to have seen that - you're lucky living so close to Stratford.

sooziebee said...

thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Cant wait to see what you get up to, no more bloggin excuses!!! Good luck with the sketching!!

lou said...

Your drawing is looking good! And as for the snowman,it is best I have seen. Good luck with sketching.

Love Lou xxx