Evening stitches...

Sitting and stitching ahhhhh lovely. Have a good week ahead.


Celebrations......Happy Mothers Day......Happy 30th Birthday BRO!

Happy Mothering Sunday to my mom, step mom and all those moms out there. Enjoy!  

Happy Birthday Bro. Oh how the years have whizzed by. Your still my Lil bro though lots of love on your special day xx


Breakfast Bombsite

Most people start the day eating a civilised breakfast. Some have to clear the decks first. I'm the latter! Enjoy your day and week ahead. X



I noticed that a new exhibition was running at Bilston Craft Gallery so this morning I hopped in Bob and sped off in hot pursuit of crafty fabness. The exhibition was very good and I was so inspired that I came home and started making a teacosy up. Oooh and a batch of banana muffins. Hmmm now time for a tea break.
Get yourself along to said gallery to see Ruth Moillet's pollination series and knitted cacti by &made.
Enjoy x


To tweet or not to tweet

Meet Merthyr Tydfil..... a little lavender owl just finished. This Lil gal will soon have you shutting your eyelids perched on your pillow.....more friends to follow methinks. X