Happy Halloween

Well here it is the end of half term. We have had a lovely afternoon Mr H carved this years pumpkin I am very impressed. I baked carrot muffins, cooked up spicy pumpkin and sweet potato soup and prepared Jamie O's veg tikka. This morning I finished my Christmas shopping, well all but two to get. Ahh time now for a bit of strictly come dancing and a few rows of knitting. The tikka  bubbling away in the cauldron as we speak. Enjoy your week x


A reoccuring theme

Notice anything. It's all going a bit dotty round here. I have been up and hard at work just time for a tea break. Chris Evans has made me feel hungry talking about Bacon butties. So I put some toast on and yup you guessed it. Good job I am off school. Have fun x


Felt Fantastique no!

Busy day today preparing felt pieces for work in progress. Stay tuned.


Brockhampton Estate

We spent the day at Brockhampton Estate. It is well worth the visit. Lots of walks and trails, things for children to do on the trails. I feel quite inspired by the woodlands. It has certainly blown the cobwebs away. Half term for me this week I am so excited.


Art Gallery news & Peter Andre

What a morning I visited Wolverhampton art gallery this morning and exciting news they are going to stock my Piccalily and Blossom textiles. Must get busy now making more items.
We walked around the gallery and then into town. It was VERY busy there were people in huge queues on the shopping centre. We found out the hoards of screaming women and teens were waiting to see the Aussie pop prince Peter Andre. Whatever next!


New technology

It took some time but I think by Jove I have cracked it posting VIA my mobile. I am quite amazed with myself.

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Roasters on a week night.

Cooked a cheeky pork chop roast dinner this pm. Also squeezed in a baked rice pudding yum! Ps no fire alarms today so I am rather relieved.


Cake O'clock and other adventures

Its been a busy old morning here at Pic & Blos HQ. Some ye locals were out making the most of the October sunshine.
BREAKING NEWS :Squirel suns himself after eating contents of bird table! Bless !!!!
Ethel has been practising for the 100m sprint for the 2012 olympics. I think she has a fair chance as she is like a whippet.
I have been well making a mess in the kitchen, baking for my forms cake sale.
The butter iced goods......
After all my hard work I decided it was time for a wee sit down and spot of tea.
How civilised 'Cake O'clock'

Past the hour obviously!!

Ciao have a fun week, hopefully I will manage to get through my lunch hour without evacuting the school.




How embarassing!! I managed to burn my toast today, which was supposed to form the basis of my lunch at school. Ok interesting I hear you say.......so its burnt, I wave smoke around the office and erm the fire alarm was triggered. So the entire school all pupils and staff and canteen staff as it was lunch were evacuated.
YIKES Sorry. As you can guess I was erm popular!!
Hope your Tuesday was not so errr toasty??


The Princess & the Pea

That is what my pile of ironing reminded me of; the story of the Princess and the Pea. The growing pile of ironing that faced me however was more of a nightmare than a fairytale. Aghh I actually think its moving. My spare room has nothing on Widow Twanky!
I am now half way there through the jungle of ironing, more treats tommorow after work. Lucky me!, its amazing how quickly things get out of hand. The only thing 'pressing' me on is the fact I am using my new iron. Its an ECO iron so I was quite impressed with the sales blurb. Luckily the Sainsburys petrol nectar points paid for my new toy courtesy of Argos. Pity they do not come with a built in operative. Aparently it will only take 8 years to save £50 in electricity costs whilst I am using it. Still, its a saving none the less. Have a fun week. X


What a SUNNY day!

Today we visited Snowshill Manor a NT property in Gloucestershire. It was the home of Charles Wade a rather eccentric guy who had a vast collection of 1000's of interesting items which he collected and displayed in the manor house. He lived in a small cottage next door to this house which was set up as he left it. It is really interesting and well worth a visit. The nearby village of Broadway is also beautiful and I even found a cheeky little yarn shop. Must have had my yarn radar on again.

The gardens were beautiful especially in the gorgeous sunshine you would have thought it was summer again.

So home again to watch the X factor possibly and admire my beautiful flowers from my friend.
Thank You X

Enjoy your evening and week everyone.
Ciao X