Living my dream...

Learning to balance. Work,rest and play. But oh the joys of being a momma xx

Living my dream...


Welcome 2015

A day for organising my diary. Looking forward to the year ahead.


Challenge momma... A bit like Anneka but there is no helicopter

Oh how going to bed in a sleepy haze is a thing of the past. These days even when sleep beckons (and she frequently does having a 4mth old) you have to stay right on form till your head hits the pillow. It's then I switch to audio momma mode listening out for the slightest murmur. I have just managed to sneak into bed after triggering the lullaby rabbit back into life!!!! and organising the feeds for the next day. My new routine is to measure the powder in the feed tubs the night before so I can keep track of what I am feeding my daughter. Those old hand at this parenting may scoff and say of course you ninny that's what we all do. But for those new mamas and papas out there still like me feeling their way in the dark (quite literally a few moments ago) then fear not. I am here to dispense my newly acquired knowledge and share my comedy moments with you. I have now left the world of breast feeding behind me.......well for now until my family grows again. I have got to say that the subject of "breast feeding"Miranda Hart style mouthing the words is a strange one again everyone has an opinion on it too! For now I must sleep, but tomorrow I will post about my feeding adventures.


Just peachy

Not one to usually
endorse products and champion the BIG COMPANIES but this shampoo is GENIUS. After one minor soap in the eye sort of mishap with the mini me, that does not warrant a repeat I have found this baby shampoo to be fine and dandy and smell as yummy as summer peaches. (She says drifting off into a romantic hazy dreamlike state oh yes still sleep deprived).

It was only purchased on a whim as it was on offer in the baby event at one of the BIG BOY leading supermarkets, I think one little name drop is more than enough for one evening don't you. Go forth and make yore child's head smell sweet and delightful!

Flying Solo??? Anyone out there doing a night feed.

Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone steering your mothership through the choppy waters/endless galaxies (ok I'm no space boffin) of night feeds and comforting your child back to sleep. Sleep deprivation at it's very best has halted play on writing on my blog. Last night as I sat eating my ready meal for one and glancing through Facebook (much joy is to be had wandering through this relatively new method of social media how did the women of yesteryear cope?) I came across this magical answer to getting your baby to stay asleep. '


Oh dear lady how we salute you and the perspective given on this our plight against sleep deprivation. Oh how I laughed and then recalled the daft nights I/We have experienced thus far in our child's short existence of 4 months :today in fact, Happy 4mth milestone little one. You are probably wondering why at 2.41am I choose to continue to be awake writing this. For once I feel I have a zap of energy so I have took the opportunity  to connect with the outside world for a moment. My other half and babe now sleep on. 

I feel a sense of solidarity that at this very moment there are other mothers across the globe up doing a night feed. I wanted to share with you my FB find as it's certainly made me smile and get through night number 123. Good night everyone.


Momma's the word

On the 22nd September 2013 a special little lady was born. My daughter Lottie who is now almost 4 months old. I cannot begin to tell you how my life has altered since she has arrived. Becoming a mom is an amazing experience, but its also quite daunting and nerve racking at times. Its has amazed me the advice that has been dispensed quite freely and sent my way. In my very stubborn way I have not always absorbed this advice straight away often going about things the hard way, but that's typical me as I always like to find out for myself. 

I decided a while ago that I ought to try to write about how I feel so other new mom's out there or soon to be mom's can read what I write and maybe think ahhh there is hope, and phew I am not losing my grip on reality. My posts are not meant to be seen as guidance notes, nor a direction/map into motherhood. The things that I will write are from my own experience and are being shared as it will hopefully help me being quite cathartic whilst hopefully putting other mums (and maybe dads too) minds at rest. There are lots of posts and forums out there for help and advice but I felt at times giddy reading them getting conflicting messages or finding more things to worry about. Books and publications are great but at times I felt lectured at, the last thing you have time for when your bundle of joy arrives is to leaf through a manual. If only there were baby 'Haynes Manuals'. (I checked there are!!)

I sat thinking about my experiences over the last few months as I was feeding Lottie this evening before putting her to bed it was then that I decided to get on with it and record these thoughts, maybe if I became a mom for a second time further down the line this will help me my own set of crib notes!! So over the next few posts I am going to share with you some of my experiences to date and then go from there. I am but at the start of my learning curve.....make that parental rock face.

Someone shared this with me not long ago and it has stayed with me.

'after becoming a parent you realise that you will never have time alone again but the reality is you will never actually be alone again'

As my daughter held my finger this evening in her tiny hand it bought home how much she needs me and relies on me, I am merely her guide into life I can show her what I feel is right and how I would approach a situation but in time she will learn for herself and have her own free will, if she is anything like her mother she too will want to learn from experience.


Bleary eyed and off to bed

Very busy here at P&B HEADQUARTERS. In between milk runs and lullabies I am busy trying to keep up with Dachshund orders. I have just finished pooch number three. I can just get 4hrs of work in before bed after my little miss gets put into her crib. But it's all worth it. I do not know how I will get on when I return to work. For now though I must focus on getting things done. Tomorrow I will be able to relax as I am using my zen and spa gift box voucher from my birthday in February. I saved it until I was no longer pregnant. It's taken me till now to book it. But then back to pooch production when I get home. Check my FB page for sales. Thanks all good nightie !! (See what I did there? Still getting those criminal jokes in ha ha). OK that's enough... Bed!