Bleary eyed and off to bed

Very busy here at P&B HEADQUARTERS. In between milk runs and lullabies I am busy trying to keep up with Dachshund orders. I have just finished pooch number three. I can just get 4hrs of work in before bed after my little miss gets put into her crib. But it's all worth it. I do not know how I will get on when I return to work. For now though I must focus on getting things done. Tomorrow I will be able to relax as I am using my zen and spa gift box voucher from my birthday in February. I saved it until I was no longer pregnant. It's taken me till now to book it. But then back to pooch production when I get home. Check my FB page for sales. Thanks all good nightie !! (See what I did there? Still getting those criminal jokes in ha ha). OK that's enough... Bed!

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