Bleary eyed and off to bed

Very busy here at P&B HEADQUARTERS. In between milk runs and lullabies I am busy trying to keep up with Dachshund orders. I have just finished pooch number three. I can just get 4hrs of work in before bed after my little miss gets put into her crib. But it's all worth it. I do not know how I will get on when I return to work. For now though I must focus on getting things done. Tomorrow I will be able to relax as I am using my zen and spa gift box voucher from my birthday in February. I saved it until I was no longer pregnant. It's taken me till now to book it. But then back to pooch production when I get home. Check my FB page for sales. Thanks all good nightie !! (See what I did there? Still getting those criminal jokes in ha ha). OK that's enough... Bed!


Winter sparkler party

Another year on and we attended the annual sparkler party event. An evening with lovely friends eating fab food from the BBQ. The big difference was having our daughter with us. Magic times and lots of firsts with our special little lady. X

Dachshund dramas

Still finding chunks of time to create with a 2mth old baby to help me. She enjoyed the quality control checking this morning. I made this litter of Dachshunds after my first attempt was gladly received as a custom order for a Christmas Gift. I am pacing myself now to get everything done before Christmas. It's a good job my daughter is so fab and chilled out! Maybe she will follow in my footsteps or her daddy's musical ones!!


It was meant to be....

Have you ever gone out with the intention of making a particular purchase and gone home with something completely different. Today I intended to purchase old books from charity shops for my next planned make. Instead we came home with a new (old) chair oh and two pairs of boots for very lucky me!! They are my Christmas gift and they were a Brucey bargain. Cheaper than the sale tag at the till point plus I had 10% off for having a recognition points card! Wahoo wahey. Even more evidence that things come your way when you least expect it!! Quite a life lesson really!