A nutty start

Well what a nutty start to my day already. I have had to stop the vehicle on the way to work as I had a hijacker in the form of a wasp dancing round my car. Then I thought I was looking in a mirror as an identical car and similar looking driver with CREAM sunglasses on let me turn in the traffic. I got to work to find this on my desk Nuff said really.


That's progress

Take that progress tour. Birmingham villa ground Nuff said.

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21 again

This weekend has been jam packed. It seems like one of those weekends, that have lasted longer than usual. Friday night was a hoot, as I took part in the schools murder mystery evening playing the part of the hotel maid and accomplice to murdering the hotel manager. Well by eck (northern type accent adopted for acting debut). I also went back 10 years after finding these 21's which were hidden everywhere at the time of my birthday (back in the day). These particular pieces of confetti were hidden in my pac a mac hood it was a birthday gift. Only when I washed it and had it hanging on the line today did I notice them. Odd and funny here I am at 31 and a lot has happened in between. Including this weekend picking up Bob, my new Lil Fiat 500. Have a fun week everyone; another blast from the past tomorrow for me as ill be watching Take That perform, and I was going to have an early night tonight! Yikes!!


Heart today.....gone tomorrow?

My heart will go on..........! Oops sorry came over all Celine Dione then must be the surge of caffeine as no offence Celine but I'm not into warblers. Anyhow as per usual I digress. What pray tell has she been up to now you may ask (or may not) anyhow......Answer: crafting a small sample of lavender hearts none the less. To take with me to stock the shop Saturday in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. This will give me chance to pick up the information for a special commission. Wahoo maker rooney, even Ethel is excited having just completed a celebratory lap of the kitchen. Ok no more tea!


In the valley

An epic day. Geography field trip with year 7 at Carding Mill Valley. Beautiful place, followed by a murder mystery rehearsal and an evening socialising with an old friend. Soooo tired off to bed for me.


Burning the candle both ends and every other angle?

'Trying to do too much' hmm as frustrating as it is, I have had the revelation that I am not a robot. Sadly my efforts for large lavender heart production have gone what only can be described as 'Pete Tong'. For those of you in the unfamiliar territory of rhyming slang I mean 'wrong'. What's a girl to do at a time like this. Too many ideas no time or ability at the moment to be productive! Ahhhhh retreat to Bedfordshire and read the chick lit.


Had to share...

Why I feel so compelled to share these pictures at this early hour is beyond me? I am waiting for my oreos and milk to kick in and return me to slumber. Maybe I'm too excited? Anyhow......poppies I have driven past these for days on the way to work every time fighting the urge to stop and take a picture as they looked so pretty. Then one day this week after work I just pulled over and took a snap shot. Enjoy! they certainly make me smile.



A fun old day, swimming, visiting friends with a cheeky last minute shopping trip to a very sleepy old town, but found an old wedding dress shop the door was amazing, followed by biscuits and tea in the garden, despite the weather forecast. I even got to sport my free retro shades.....NICE! have a fun time whatever your up to. Xx


The big day....

the sale of my house goes through today and although I've already moved it is quite sad like the end of an era. My best bud Elsie certainly knows how to keep me cheery there was a Lil gift waiting for me on my desk. If friends were flowers as they say... I certainly would pick Elsie.


Day Dream Believer

Yesterday I was given this beautiful little fridge magnet. So now every time I go for the milk I can stop and think.....its ok to dream and have aspirations. Sadly for me, Mr Lurgy has decided to suddenly pay a visit, not a welcome one either grrr to you Mr L. Have fun amigo's.


Zappaberry zing zing

Breakfast my favourite time of the day! Strawberries, blueberries and creme fraiche. Ok the creme fraiche is rather indulgent but I had it left over from a Jamie Oliver recipe. So after feeling like I should stay in bed to catch up on my sleep after constantly being on the go and doing lots of things over the last few days. I felt a zap to the  palette was in order to perk me up nicely for the day. What a lovely day too! strawberries....... Wimbledon? ....tennis anyone? ........steady on Blossom!


What a Liberty...

Happy first day of June y'all. What a lovely day in parts. Spent the day in the big smoke our Gt British Capital. Took my mom to see 'The Wizard of Oz' with the talented young Danielle Hope winner of Find a Dorothy BBC show and Micheal Crawford. I had heard that it was not so good, but really I thought the staging was amazing and the.production wad good on the whole. Lil Toto was an absolute dude. Loved it, as we saw the matinee show we then tottered across to Liberty's and went directly to yup you guessed it, the fabrics and craft section. Amazing! those Liberty prints are beautiful. I bought a metre for another top to be put together. Ill keep you posted when that occurs. I am now waiting for my train but I am sure it will be a quiet journey home I am shattered.