21 again

This weekend has been jam packed. It seems like one of those weekends, that have lasted longer than usual. Friday night was a hoot, as I took part in the schools murder mystery evening playing the part of the hotel maid and accomplice to murdering the hotel manager. Well by eck (northern type accent adopted for acting debut). I also went back 10 years after finding these 21's which were hidden everywhere at the time of my birthday (back in the day). These particular pieces of confetti were hidden in my pac a mac hood it was a birthday gift. Only when I washed it and had it hanging on the line today did I notice them. Odd and funny here I am at 31 and a lot has happened in between. Including this weekend picking up Bob, my new Lil Fiat 500. Have a fun week everyone; another blast from the past tomorrow for me as ill be watching Take That perform, and I was going to have an early night tonight! Yikes!!

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