What a Liberty...

Happy first day of June y'all. What a lovely day in parts. Spent the day in the big smoke our Gt British Capital. Took my mom to see 'The Wizard of Oz' with the talented young Danielle Hope winner of Find a Dorothy BBC show and Micheal Crawford. I had heard that it was not so good, but really I thought the staging was amazing and the.production wad good on the whole. Lil Toto was an absolute dude. Loved it, as we saw the matinee show we then tottered across to Liberty's and went directly to yup you guessed it, the fabrics and craft section. Amazing! those Liberty prints are beautiful. I bought a metre for another top to be put together. Ill keep you posted when that occurs. I am now waiting for my train but I am sure it will be a quiet journey home I am shattered.

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