Lifes rich tapestry and other stuff.....

Hello and pull up a chair...... the night is young and I feel there is much to cover.

I will begin aheeem aheem (clear throat)....

This evening has resulted in a minor scald on my part, after I was rinsing cooked rice in a sieve with boiling water (as Jamie Oliver instructed) he obviously did not RISK assess this activity and thus I was scalded. Sean (future Mr Pic and Blos) got me to sit with my hand in a bowl of ice. SOB! I was then very quick to tell him that I could no longer wash up !!! RESULT (the only positive I may add out of whole mishap).
So I consoled myself with these,

Lovely fluffy, coconut mushrooms and a cup of Rosie Lea.

Anyway I have decided it was time to reveal some of my degree work circa 2001/02.

My final project was all jumbled at first, in fact bizarrely it ended up being like therapy for my years of worries etc about my family, and my parents divorce.

At the time it was quite an emotional journey, yet now I seem quite detached in a strange sense and I look at it with fresh eyes.

Here are a few pictures.

This was the title for my final work, I guess I was trying to describe how life hangs in the balance and our relationships are sometimes volatile/tentative and fragile.

My work seemed a little directionless at first, I was using the idea that our true identity is perhaps hidden, I liked the idea I could look into the lives of others and decide who they were, what they did and record them in sketches these became stitched characters like above. The concept of Make do and mend became swallowed up too with all my emotion. I guess I was trying to understand what went on as a child and fix it somehow.
Delicate feminine form?? Identity phase.

My second portfolio became a little like a child's fabric story book telling the tale of how we were together as a family and this broke down. This eventually became the basis for fabric hangings which depicted my mum being delicate/fragile/breaking down yet to me still being beautiful and strong. The darker earthy coloured panels reflected my dad. He had taken my brother and I to Cannock Chase as children to talk to us about what was happening. Hence the walking maps and dark masculine elements.

The last page I wrote the following statement

It seems strange reading this now, like the ramblings of a post teen but it helped. I feel so happy in my adult life now, I have my moments still but I feel grounded and have a direction.
I don't need to look for answers in my past, I will just use it to guide my future. I am glad both my parents are happy and have found partners who they love.

Didn't mean to be sad, trust me to rabbit on when folks are busy organising things for the coming Season of Good Will.
Which brings me to this,

I have tried to think of a way to keep the giver and receiver secret but it will not work as we need to exchange gifts. So I created a little bank of names and drew them one at a time. The first person will buy a gift for the next and so on. SOOOOOOOOOOOO........

Kaylacoo will need to send to Threekitchenfairies
Threekitchenfairies will need to send to Louandherchicken
Louandherchicken will need to send to Hensteeth
Hensteeth will need to send to Piccalilyandblossom
Piccalilyandblossom will need to send to Momof2gr8kids
Momof2gr8kids will need to send to Nimblejacks
Nimblejacks will need to send to Ludabelle
Ludabelle will need to send to Alex Mason
Alex Mason will need to send to Kaylacoo.
So now I feel a lot better OPERATION SECRET SANTA is rolling and I have an empty bowl oops no more mushrooms left.

Night X



I have been very kindly tagged by Louise at lou and her chicken and Lou at
Ludabelle. I was'nt sure what to write about as I had been tagged before. So I have adapted my response slightly to 'My Seven Deadly Sins'. (Favourite things in no particular order)

Not sure they are really deadly at all but it sounds a little more dramatic! Te he

1. Shoes and bags. Unfortunately the line 'What this old thing...doesn't quite work with Sean he's too cute about remembering whats in my wardrobe!' OOOPS
2. Chocolate.... Mainly whole nut or ferrero roche in fact most chocolate.
3. Drinking tea.
4. Little fairycakes. Any cake it looks so pretty.
5. Buttons (had a dream about them last night, very strange.)
6. Vintage esque fabrics/ the whole vintage quirky shabby chic lifestyle.
7. Country living magazine.

I could go on.

This weekend has been fun. Five of us went to the NEC yesterday to look at the Christmas Crafts. Although I think it is becoming more of a Chritmas Gifts show. It w.as still a lovely day, I managed to buy some cute Christmas decorations just couldn't resist.

Today we have had quite a lazy day sitting watching films and eating junk food. How extravagant!

Back to work tomorrow oh where does the time go!

See you all soon.


Belated Birthday and Early Christmas ??!!

Hello all you busy bloggers,

Just thought Id better catch up. I was out last night watching the new James Bond film, sigh Daniel Craig....... dreamy harp style music playing in my head.


Comment from future Mr Pic and Blos after showing him blog page.......... all these people are joining secret Santa (only 8 so far).

My reply yes......

Future Mr P & B : Oh haven't they got anything important to do... why are they not busy?

I sighed and just looked on as he continued tapping away at the games console !!!!

Tonight I have been busy finishing a Belated Birthday present.

Arty ?? Egg basket shot? Hmmm

On to the Early Christmas Present from me to me, eak !! Well also courtesy of Sainsburys.

I saved my nectar points for a while and put them towards my new camera. So hurrah better shots hopefully, well when I've mastered it.

Took these close ups gorgeous!!

Oh and Frank says HI :) he wanted to try and compete with the cute dogs and cats on many a blog page. I have not seen a fish as of yet, so he feels quite privileged.

Didn't post the other shot, the camera obviously works too well and showed up all the dust on his bowl AGHHHHHHHHHH note to self.....clean the house.

Byeeeeeee x


Anyone for Secret Santa???

Thought I might get into the festive mood of things to come.

Whilst out on our woodland walk this afternoon I had a eureka moment and thought AHHHHH a Secret Santa of the blogging world would be ace. Not sure if this particular venture has been done before and not wishing to steal anyones thunder at all but thought it may be nice to share with fellow crafting/artist buddy types.

So heres the deal..... if you want to join in let me know by adding a comment on this post here. I have tried to create a festive little button to display on your blog if you want to join in.

I will then put names into a wintery woolly hat and match folks up at random. I will let you know who is matched with whom and then we can send little pressies in the post.

So thought some rules should be in order otherwise stress and chaos may pursue.

Santa's instructions......

1. It must ideally be made by your fair selves (ideally something you already have, Christmas is a busy time you know). Or be of a crafty nature.

2. It musn't exceed £10.00 in value or really be too much less than this so nobody is upset that their stocking is empty :(
(Is this an OK value????)

3. It must be posted in time for The BIG DAY.

So let me know what you think or indeedy pass the word, spread the Festive Cheer and respond to my post.

DEADLINE DATE for response Wed 25th. I can then match you lovely folks up.

Any questions drop me a line.


Give a Hat a Home

Hello all,

Just thought you should see what was in my fridge:

I was so excited when my friend Beth bought me this bottle of innocent smoothie with the cutest little hat. Its all in aid of the Age Concern campaign to raise money to help the elderly keep warm this winter. They are available from Sainsbury's and 50p of every bottle with a woolly hat will go towards the charity. How BONZA!!

So if you're thirsty..... in Sainsburys....... go on treat yourself or a friend, thanks Beth X


Tell all TuEsDaY

Well I can't believe it is Tuesday again so quickly, time flies.

The question for today's Tell All Tuesday is :.
Were you named after anybody?......

My answer is: DRUM ROLL PLEASE

Samantha from Bewitched the 1960's/1970's

American sitcom. My mum told me this as a child and for a brief while I tried to wiggle my nose and perform magic but nothing ever came of it.

To play along with 'Tell all Tues' visit Emma at JellybellyJellybrain.
Some magic I have been able to perform though, is the bidding of these little beauties from e-bay which I won hurrah. They arrived today just in time to make more 'pretties'.

Favourite teacup and saucer and pretty lil buttons.

Toodle pip X


Tell all Tuesday

This weeks Tell All Tuesday question is,

When were you last disappointed?

Just yesterday was my recent disappointment, when I received an order from the Next directory for what I thought would be a lush winter coat.

My bubble of excitement has been exploded the aforementioned lovely is being returned to sender. The colour can only be described in true life as dull, drab, dingy and dirty looking bottle grey green (not the bright looking blue/teal green) above. Harsh I know and apologies if you own the coat but I felt very disappointed with the colour it just didn't do what it said on the tin!!Next must have par excellent lighting for the catalogue/Internet images.......misleading little imps!

To play along with this Tell All Tuesday visit here to check out what Emma is up to.

Byeeeeeeeeeee X



Had to share this with the world.... well the virtual world??

SPANISH PORK AND CHORIZO STEW (A Delia recipie slightly adapted)

Ingredients (for 4)

450g pork cubed/stew pack

450g salad/new potatoes

110g chorizo (I used a pack from tesco/tesco finest) chopped into 2cm wide chunks or there abouts its not science!

Red pepper roasted off ( i cheat and deseed then chop it up, then cook it off in olive oil till it starts to brown a little). Again Delia uses a posh alternative 250g jar of Odysea or Karyatis roasted red pepers in oil drained and halved.

I fat clove of garlic peeled and thinly sliced

1 large red onion peeled and cut into thick slices

6 sprigs of fresh thyme

1/4 teaspoon of saffron strands

1 tablespoon of olive oil

2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar

150ml dry white wine (drinking the rest is obviously optional)

340g Jar of Siansbury's Siciliana sauce or similar tomato based italian sauce. Delia went on about Tomato Frito by Heinz I personally think she is making it up!, so used the latter.

Small can of pitted balck olives

Preheat oven to gas 1 or 140/150 degrees c

Put pork, chorizo, peppers ('red peppers' just leave them in the cooking casserole pot after cooking off),garlic and onion. Throw in the thyme, seasoning and olive oil and toss together Ainsley Harriot stylee.

Use a teaspoon to crush saffron strands (I do this in an egg cup) add the white wine vinegar to this and stir. Add to the casserole followed by white wine, tomato based sauce, olives and potatoes. Give it a good stir., put lid on bring to simmering point then transfer to the oven she advises 1 and 1/2 hrs i say 2hrs.

Serve with fine green beans.

Another delicious lil meal, even nicer warmed up the second night if there is any left.

Have a fun old week Ciao for now X


2nd Post Sunday

Well just a quick line to show you all what I have made today. I feel quite tired now and have to get ready for work tomorrow still oops. The TEXTILES take over tehe.

A few orders were placed for the lil clutch bags, hopefully they will go down well with the orderee's.


Ditsy Daisy (love daisies)
New lil number : Lily of the valley
So off I go to tidy my mess and get into teacher zone. Have fun this week no doubt my posts will trail off again for a wee while. Busy busy.....Ooooh I love the holidays.

The Mission and the Monster

Hurrah!! Wedding Hearts completed well they are just ready for a wee button! Why oh why I work on less pressing projects I will never know. I am still to submit my proposal to the Craft Fair. Yikes so I will press on.

Just wanted to introduce to you Mr Moni Monster. Another less pressing crafty product.....Christmas gift for nephew. Idea was based on the work of Molly Chicken see her tutorial, http://mollychicken.blogs.com/my_weblog/2008/09/hegehog-softie-with-a-pocket.html so cannot take all the credit.

Enjoy your day !