Anyone for Secret Santa???

Thought I might get into the festive mood of things to come.

Whilst out on our woodland walk this afternoon I had a eureka moment and thought AHHHHH a Secret Santa of the blogging world would be ace. Not sure if this particular venture has been done before and not wishing to steal anyones thunder at all but thought it may be nice to share with fellow crafting/artist buddy types.

So heres the deal..... if you want to join in let me know by adding a comment on this post here. I have tried to create a festive little button to display on your blog if you want to join in.

I will then put names into a wintery woolly hat and match folks up at random. I will let you know who is matched with whom and then we can send little pressies in the post.

So thought some rules should be in order otherwise stress and chaos may pursue.

Santa's instructions......

1. It must ideally be made by your fair selves (ideally something you already have, Christmas is a busy time you know). Or be of a crafty nature.

2. It musn't exceed £10.00 in value or really be too much less than this so nobody is upset that their stocking is empty :(
(Is this an OK value????)

3. It must be posted in time for The BIG DAY.

So let me know what you think or indeedy pass the word, spread the Festive Cheer and respond to my post.

DEADLINE DATE for response Wed 25th. I can then match you lovely folks up.

Any questions drop me a line.


Louise said...

ooo yes, that sounds fun! I am up for a secret santa!

lou said...

I am up for the secret santa too! xx

Kayla coo said...

What fun!
Yes I would like to join too.x

nimblejacks said...

I'm in Lou mailed me with a heads up yesterday I think it's a lovely idea!!

momof2gr8kids said...

me me I am in too.. Im in the states.. what fun.

Alex Mason said...

Hi, i would love to join in xx

hens teeth said...

Count me in sister!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm in. Just let me know: the big day is Christmas, right? I'm in the US so I hope it is ok with everybody to ship internatinal (if that the case.) And I'm thinking to make my postage the extra thing on top of what ever I'm suppose to spend.Yeah! I feel like in third grade with the "secret santa"


Yahoo ..... Mission secret santa is go.

Sam x