Belated Birthday and Early Christmas ??!!

Hello all you busy bloggers,

Just thought Id better catch up. I was out last night watching the new James Bond film, sigh Daniel Craig....... dreamy harp style music playing in my head.


Comment from future Mr Pic and Blos after showing him blog page.......... all these people are joining secret Santa (only 8 so far).

My reply yes......

Future Mr P & B : Oh haven't they got anything important to do... why are they not busy?

I sighed and just looked on as he continued tapping away at the games console !!!!

Tonight I have been busy finishing a Belated Birthday present.

Arty ?? Egg basket shot? Hmmm

On to the Early Christmas Present from me to me, eak !! Well also courtesy of Sainsburys.

I saved my nectar points for a while and put them towards my new camera. So hurrah better shots hopefully, well when I've mastered it.

Took these close ups gorgeous!!

Oh and Frank says HI :) he wanted to try and compete with the cute dogs and cats on many a blog page. I have not seen a fish as of yet, so he feels quite privileged.

Didn't post the other shot, the camera obviously works too well and showed up all the dust on his bowl AGHHHHHHHHHH note to self.....clean the house.

Byeeeeeee x


lou said...

Hi Frank...definitely the first fish I have seen on a blog.

A message for future Mr Pic & Blos! the good thing about us women is that we can do many things all at the same time, it's called multi-tasking!!!!!!

What are men like! LOL xxx

Louise said...

men don't get it do they...we all have plenty of things to do...
Eat cakes, shop for clothes, watch movies, eat more cake, but we can always fit in a bit of crafting!

Lou x

p.s. hello frank! you rock

Alex Mason said...

Frank is cool! Looking forward to the secret santa swap! xx

lou said...

You have been tagged, don't worry if you have not got time, or you don't like doing them. it is on my blog. xxx

Louise said...

I've tagged you too, aren't you very popular!