I have been very kindly tagged by Louise at lou and her chicken and Lou at
Ludabelle. I was'nt sure what to write about as I had been tagged before. So I have adapted my response slightly to 'My Seven Deadly Sins'. (Favourite things in no particular order)

Not sure they are really deadly at all but it sounds a little more dramatic! Te he

1. Shoes and bags. Unfortunately the line 'What this old thing...doesn't quite work with Sean he's too cute about remembering whats in my wardrobe!' OOOPS
2. Chocolate.... Mainly whole nut or ferrero roche in fact most chocolate.
3. Drinking tea.
4. Little fairycakes. Any cake it looks so pretty.
5. Buttons (had a dream about them last night, very strange.)
6. Vintage esque fabrics/ the whole vintage quirky shabby chic lifestyle.
7. Country living magazine.

I could go on.

This weekend has been fun. Five of us went to the NEC yesterday to look at the Christmas Crafts. Although I think it is becoming more of a Chritmas Gifts show. It w.as still a lovely day, I managed to buy some cute Christmas decorations just couldn't resist.

Today we have had quite a lazy day sitting watching films and eating junk food. How extravagant!

Back to work tomorrow oh where does the time go!

See you all soon.


maggik1 said...

Oh, Samantha!!! I've just posted and looked at my blog - and yours - for the first time in weeks (months?)I've just seen that you 'tagged' me ages ago. I'm so sorry that I didn't respond but I've been soooo busy and not even looked at any blogs. Back in the 'ether' now. Thank you so much.

Alex Mason said...

Hi, glad you had a good weekend, I have a lot of the same sins as you :) xx

lou said...

Chocolate is that a deadly sin opps!!! I'm dreaming about blogging, now your dreaming about buttons, I don't know what is more sad! xxx

Kayla coo said...

A perfect day when it's cold and grey eating chocolate and watching films.x

maggik1 said...

Thanks for the 'welcome back'. Now I'm back I intend to be more disciplined and keep blogging. Can't promise to stay home more though! I had a lazy day too yesterday - no chocolate though as I have to lose some weight! Will tell all when I blog again! margaret