Craft Fair Mania

Piccalily & Blossom will be at the following venues:

2nd Dec 2012 Wylde Green Community Hall Sutton Coldfield

22nd Dec 2012 Essington Markets 
Exciting antics from the Autumn Craft Fair

Team Blossom!!

Going for Textiles Gold



The outcome. . Socktastic

See my Facebook page for the opportunity to place an order. Custom/handmade with loving care Christmas Stockings.

Chaos reigns

Busy is the season. I would not have it any other way my life that is. If I am not busy i spend far too much time mythering (sp) over something! My house is a wee bit messy after a weekend of making... The results
1. A big mess this is just a taster of the full monty mess carnage.
2. Lovely Christmas Stockings for a custom order for a teacher at work and her little boys well obviously. Right I'm off to bed! There is valuable beauty sleep to be had and I'm an hour down on time now oops.

Enjoy your week x


Lovely Autumn

Had a fabaroo evening eating delicious food and watching a fireworks display. Pyrotechnics at home is where it is at!

My very clever friend Elsie was most inspired by a picture in her calender, and came up with these little beauties. Very pretty!

My offering was Bonfire Booty Bags, Bonfire Banana muffins and Frozen cheesecake. Which the group of us have decided should be one for the future summer menus and gatherings as a frozen raspberry whilst sitting outside wrapped up in winter woollies in temperatures of 4 degrees c is not appropriate. Although everyone did eat it!

 My stall last Sunday at the local Fruit Farm. Much fun was had, I was like a giddy school child!

Loving the autumn colour, this years coat and scarf reflected the colours very nicely!

 Visited the Made to make Exhibition at Bilston Craft Gallery. Quite impressed!!

Enjoy your week ahead. I have just applied for more Craft Fairs so I better get making again.