Thursday is the new Tuesday.

Have you had a hair disaster?.

Oh so many where do you start? In fact my hair disasters started at a young age. Namely when my mom (a trained hairdresser) left her hair dressing scissors on the side whilst making a drink. Little Miss 'Just like mom' was playing with her plastic hair curlers putting them in her blonde little locks. DISASTER though when my mom returned to find me sitting with scissors in one hand and a roller with blonde hair still attached in the other. OOOOPS oh did I mention that my school photo was the next day???

Other major disasters include dying blonde hair BRIGHT RED and being left with slightly pink hair for ages. (During my teens)
The worst is probably when I was on a tight budget at Uni and thought I would get my mom to apply highlights using a plastic cap. OUCH The worst part was that I had bought the wrong dye it was too runny and bled through the holes that were left. It didn't look too bad till I dryed my hair and found I had a sort of Leapord effect going accross my hair. AGHHHHH

I do try not to mess with it too much now. I just have a habit of choosing the wrong styles at times.


I hope everyone was contacted by their swapee. Sorry I haven't been around much of late, I thought Id apply for a job as Santa's elf.......HAHAHA not sure a 6ft elf would be ideal. Really I have just been a bit under the weather having picked up another cold. But tis the season and all.

So I hope your all well fellow bloggers and your enjoying the preparations for the coming season.

Have fun X