Thursday is the new Tuesday.

Have you had a hair disaster?.

Oh so many where do you start? In fact my hair disasters started at a young age. Namely when my mom (a trained hairdresser) left her hair dressing scissors on the side whilst making a drink. Little Miss 'Just like mom' was playing with her plastic hair curlers putting them in her blonde little locks. DISASTER though when my mom returned to find me sitting with scissors in one hand and a roller with blonde hair still attached in the other. OOOOPS oh did I mention that my school photo was the next day???

Other major disasters include dying blonde hair BRIGHT RED and being left with slightly pink hair for ages. (During my teens)
The worst is probably when I was on a tight budget at Uni and thought I would get my mom to apply highlights using a plastic cap. OUCH The worst part was that I had bought the wrong dye it was too runny and bled through the holes that were left. It didn't look too bad till I dryed my hair and found I had a sort of Leapord effect going accross my hair. AGHHHHH

I do try not to mess with it too much now. I just have a habit of choosing the wrong styles at times.


I hope everyone was contacted by their swapee. Sorry I haven't been around much of late, I thought Id apply for a job as Santa's elf.......HAHAHA not sure a 6ft elf would be ideal. Really I have just been a bit under the weather having picked up another cold. But tis the season and all.

So I hope your all well fellow bloggers and your enjoying the preparations for the coming season.

Have fun X


nimblejacks said...

my biggest hair disaster was dying it black when I was 10 my mum nearly had a fit needless to say it washed out eventually never again. Now I find the odd wavy grey hair, a cruel twist of fate as mine has always been poker straight and finally a wave but it's grey hey ho. Posted my secret santa to Lou onmonday but I think she's away for her anniversary so I'll have to wait to hear.....

momof2gr8kids said...
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lou said...

I used to be a hairdresser,so I had every colour possible,and as for hair cuts I had them all. Pink,red and black hair was my biggest disasters.

I posted my secret santa to Alex on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend xxx

Kayla coo said...

Hi Sam,
When I was three I cut my two year old sisters hair. I cut her fringe off!!
She got her own back later by cutting my Sindy dolls hair off!

momof2gr8kids said...

BOY do I ever !! have the worst luck EVER! with hair.. last time I went the dumb hair dresser.. bless her heart cut out all my colics.. and so now I am forced to look like I have mange.. I did however have the BEST ROYAL MAIL today.. :) from YOU so looking like I have mange is all better!!! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT AND I AM WEARING THE PIN will have to check out your etsy store and buy some more.. they would make wonderful gifts. WILL blog about yOU later. Janice

lou said...

Have a lovely Christmas!

love Lou xxx

Kayla coo said...

Wishing you a Merry Christmas too!

Half an Acre said...

lol! when I was at school I dyed my fringe a nasty bleached yellow (my hair is really dark) - shortly after i got really ill and pale and looked soooo vile with this bleached fringe, dark brown hair and jaundiced skin that my mum bundled me off to the hair dressers to have it died back.
I have heaps of wavy hair that gets in the way of everything and I've got blue paint in it to day (so I'm told). The other day the paint was green! It's got curlier since I had kids too.

maggik1 said...

Oh, where are you? You haven't blogged for ages - I do hope everything's OK? I've been out of the blogosphere as well but just calle din to say that I loved your 'Hanging by a thread' - so much emotion packed into some beautiful stitching. Thank you - and please come back!

Anonymous said...

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