White Rabbits??

Nope.... I am not going all Alice in Wonderland. But as today is the 1st February I thought I really ought to make the effort and say hello, hence 'White Rabbits' or is it only March you say that?? In fact does anyone even know what I am wittering on about? Even if nobody actually reads this I will feel proactive once again and out of my erm.... hibernation mode. So what have I been doing?? I have just dowloaded 224 photos which have been on my camera since Christmas. SAD I know but time has run through my fingers like grains of sand!! I have attempted numerous times to catch up with my blog. I have checked out a few of my all time favourite blogs but after that I felt so tired and drained of all energy that I would log off.
I will at least try and keep up to date. Even if it is to show my appreciation of others work.
It's amazing what you do cram into your life, just quickly flicking through the photos I had taken it was bizarre to see moments of my life captured and replayed like a silent movie.

So I wish you all A HAPPY FEBRUARY>>> I love this month. It feels closer to spring yet it still has a wintry edge but the days are getting longer (slowly) its also mine and Sean's birthday (in fact it is his today HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN !) he is currently engaged with his computer game bless.
Well just a quick catch up, to see what I have been doing. No textiles creations of late just wedding preparations but I thought it would be nice for you to see our plans.

Wightwick Manor Wolverhampton (National Trust Property
This is where we are getting married 3rd August this year.

I have been reading lots of Wedding glossies, lucky me my friend Beth is even into reading these and has passed on many a copy of Wedding Flowers.

My clever and creative friend Laura, has designed the surface pattern etc for our invites, I have then cut and pasted them into these fold out pocket cards.

She is so clever!

I have wiled away many a wintry evening cutting and pasting to create a visual diary of inspiration.

Gorgeous Bouquet....Love the country/vintage charm about these florals.

I have been busy ordering bits and bobs from eBay. These wee labels are to hang on the teacups to mark places at the Wedding Breakfast tables.

I am yet to make Laura and Emma their bridesmaid dresses. The fabric is aubergine/plum sateen the dress is the halter neck tea dress. Very cute, it will be completed with a moss green sash.

Supporting the handmade crafts person. The cutest shabby chic sign!!

So there we have it a brief whistle stop tour of things to come. So although I have been beating myself up over my lack or creativity of late. I have enjoyed posting this as I can see I have been creative but in a different way. I always feel bad not being able to find the time to do my own work. Teaching in a Secondary school although rewarding has its flaws. It absorbs so much energy and time up. Oh and on a less cheery note I discovered that the life expectancy of a retired teacher is somewhat reduced. OH JOY!! Anyhow you have to live for today and I am really excited about the wedding and mine and Sean's future together. Who knows whats round the corner.

The posts Grand Finale.
My Christmas Present from HENSTEETHART. I cannot start my blogging year without mentioning Viv. What she has accomplished of late is amazing, well done on your magazine article and new job role. Your work as ever is truly inspirational and I am privileged to have acquired an original piece of your artwork/notebook. If you have not seen her work yet take a look on the link. You will be hooked!!

I think this little lady is standing holding her head amidst the flowers trying to look composed, in the background their is a ledger/notes about finances. I think she is obviously taking on board the Credit Crunch as of late. Te he !
Enjoy your week X


Kayla coo said...

I'm not surprised you have found it difficult to blog with your wedding prep and work.
It's always such a busy time of year at school.
Your wedding venue looks beautiful.x

Anonymous said...

Looks like you will have a beautiful weeding day. Congratulations !! keep blogland posted on the weeding dress, of course after you get married.

Alex Mason said...

Hi, hope your wedding preparations are going well, Wightwick Manor looks gorgeous! xx

Louise said...

Welcome back to blogland! How exciting to be organising your wedding! You look like you have some fabulous ideas!
You will have to tell us all about the wedding and plans and also all about your partner! (Well maybe just me because I am nosey and a sucker for romance and listening to how people get together etc etc!)
Well now you have written, I feel very bad for also not blogging...maybe I will write tonight...but...maybe I will stay snuggled up away from this snowy weather!

lou said...

lovely too see you back!

good luck with the wedding...love Lou xxx

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Hens Teeth said...

Hi Sam
I don't think you could have a more beautiful venue for your wedding. I love that place. So pleased for you, such an exciting time and it is good to hear from you whenever you get a mo. Your job is certainly full on and you must be exhausted most of the time.
Thank you also for the kind words. I was very taken aback ...thank you x

Anonymous said...