That friday Feeling!!! (2 weeks in pictures)

Hello again faithful viewers (Blog Voyeaurs),
I just wanted to show you what I have been up to over the last two weeks, as ever I have wanted to get this all down previously but time slips through my fingers like melted chocolate.
So here is s little snippet into the busy/crazy life of one individual.
1. Snow.
You may remember the chaos that ensued a couple of weeks ago. You may have chosen to forget this life stopping stuff. But for one moment on my singular snow day (mean school was open), I sat and watched the snow fall and caught a shot of it delicately landing on dried seed pods from the previous summer.
The magical pods......

2. My first .....Embroidery! I found this amongst some bric a brac (Tat) that I was tidying up. Ahh bless not sure how old I was probably 8-9??

3. My birthday!! Hurrah 29. (AKA Not 30 yet) 10th Feb
I was so happy to see I shared a Birthday with the very talented Miss Monda of MONDA LOVES.

Had some lurvely pressies.... even a bit of Cath Kidston !!!

4. Although wedding plans have taken over all creative thoughts and ideas, I have tried to keep making. Knitting has been a way of chilling out and also helping me remember things. As the needles click away my mind wanders and a new list of things to do also grows alongside my knitting.

5. The valentine...... Beautiful TULIPS! X
6. Half term day out.
What a beautiful day Monday, we were lucky enough to venture out to a little place called Bath. Just gorgeous!! We took a credit crunch picnic and enjoyed wandering round this amazing city.

My new LOVE.... love bar from Pret a Manger. the most delicious smackeral ever! In fact so good I have had three this week. One last Saturday whilst shopping in Birmingham for wedding rings (Job done), one in Bath (pictured before it disappeared) and one this Wednesday when I popped to Biscester (again, Beth and I think it should become our half termly pilgrimage).

(sean's half eaten choc croissant)
Oh GLORY BE !"!"! I happened to chance upon a delightful Cath Kidston store DIVINE.
BUT >>>>> On waiting patiently to enter said establishment, whilst some little shopppers trailed out, this cheeky woman barged in front of me. HOW RUDE i hear you say! I coughed murmered something..........She turned and said Oh I am sorry but this dress>>>>>!! Well I can understand wanting to get in there sharpish BUT!! barging a fellow Cath Kidston worshipper is not on. If I told you that the lady in question (Barger extroidinaire) was the one and only Julia Sawalha of Press Gang fame and some Sunday night period drama malarkey you may giggle or think bloomin celebs. I just laughed we could'nt quite believe it. She did buy that dress too!!
Amazing found a wee shop devoted to tea!!

Sneaky shot through the window..... Lovely caddies.

Walked round to what is known as The Circus.....not a clown in sight thank the lord (not too keen you see).
Oh and then yesterday I threw this together (nicely of course) one of the bridesmaid dresses for the upcoming event! The one you will get sick of hearing about!!
Still need to sort the hem....hate those things!! But hey ho. Just off shortly to deliver a Birthday gift to my god daughter, get food shopping finish the dress errrrr..... and the list goes on. As my mum says 'I should be as thin as Twiggy!!'
Enjoy see you soon for another epic tale. X


Louise said...

Wow, well weren't you a talented little 8-9 yr old! It's lovely!

Feeling big love for the Valentines Tulips! I got them too! They are my favourite flower.

Bath looks absolutely beautiful! Very like York. Have you been? if not, you will love it (and it has a Kath Kidston...without pushy celebs!)

You have been such a busy bee!

Hens Teeth said...

Great post Sam....you have covered all the things I love too but haven't tried the 'love' bars ....yet! Pret is my fav coffee/sandwich place.
The dress is divine, you clever girl...if my life depended on it I could'nt make such a beautiful dress. Congratulations.
I wold have thought better of Julia, she always seems such a down to earth kinda girl, huh!

Alex Mason said...

What a great post, love all your photos and the dress looks gorgeous, have a lovely weekend! xx

Lobster and swan said...

Oh that tea shop is a dream! I spent way too much in there! : )

Kayla coo said...

Beautiful bridesmaid dress.
It years since I visited Bath and seeing your pictures makes me want to visit.
Sounds like you have had a busy half term week!

lou said...

I really enjoyed reading your post!
I have never been too Bath I must go, a belated happy birthday to you!
The bridesmaid dress is gorgeous!
Love Lou xxx