Why oh why? Do I constantly seek a level of perfection! I always push myself way too much, for what I do not know.....as nobody is ever there with a stopwatch and clipboard telling me to get a move on and work....be creative.....be a good daughter, girlfriend, sister, godmother, auntie, friend!! But still I whiz around like a loony and try as I might fit 101 things into my day. AHHHHHHHHHH I love it!!

Anyway, I was hoping to post earlier this week but as I was busy with the above it never quite happened. SOOO... I am going to do a 2 4 1 offer and blog as if it were, Wednesday and then continue as if it were Sunday. (Its working in my head!)

Wednesday Eve 7.30 ish...... somewhere in the Midlands

After a long day teaching and then staying behind school to assist a troop of Year 11 pupils with their coursework I had a jolly to IKEA Wednesbury. Well more of a mission. I restocked my supply of jars for tidying away those ribbons that I keep purchasing OOOPS (NOTE: If Your'e the FUTURE Mr Pic and Blos overt your eyes from this post!)

I came home and couldn't get in the porch.....Clever Mr Posty had hidden this parcel!! HURRAH The Wedding shoes!

Also on the mat was this little treasure my order from Michala of KAYLACOO. Even the envelope was beautifully adorned with this sketch.

I carefully unwrapped my gorgeous little broach all lovingly sent with ribbon and snippets of lace!! How very thoughtful!!

The FAB GORGEOUS Lil broach. Sorry pic does not do it justice!

AHH The Wedding shoe well an extreme close up! I tried them on carefully as instructed but unfortunately the right one played a creak/squeak tune as I walked. Now I know that I am very particular but if you are spending lots of the hard earned dollars on Wedding shoes you do not want a tune as you gaily trot down the aisle!! So they are going back and I have reordered some different ones. Keep you posted!

So by the end of my squeaky shoe trauma and sorting out tea and general day to day stuff blogging was not high on the list of things to do! Hence the post today.

SCOOBY DOO WIGGLY LINE (back to the present time)

Sunday (A day of rest.....HMMMM not sure about that!)

In fact if you are my boss and close mate Beth.....yep I had such a restful weekend !! Didn't do anything!! (I was told to calm down and chill out this weekend!!)

So after seeing this delight in a glossy mag I thought right........ Lets do a Nigella and get cracking...eggs...cracking see what I did there! Anyway enough... I decided to create a Victoria Sandwich. Surely the reason jam was invented I say!

I'm sort of impressed...well sort of. I guess the proof is in the eating just wasn't quite the picture I wanted its a bit wonky and slightly over cooked.

Whilst I was getting creative in the kitchen I noticed my Madeline tin my nan got me for Christmas! (Thanks nan X). So I thought Id give them a whirl.

I would like to say the ones below are mine!!

But sods law mine got a wee bit stuck!!

So if there is anyone with a penchant for these French little delights and your able to get them out the tin without smashing their delicate little sides just let me know how you do it PLEASE!!

They do taste nice though, I will have to retire now as I have eaten 5 and feel quite tired!! That and the fact I still need to dash to HOBBY CRAFT to obtain the shopping list my GCSE candidates have given me!

Oh and if anyone has a minute maybe you can check out my Art teachers FLICKR site. She was so ace when I was at School it was my all time favourite subject.


Bless! Have a good week everyone ! X


Gigibird said...

The secret of getting madeleines to come out of the tray is to use melted butter then a dusting of flour. I have silicone madeleine trays which are meant not to need such phaffing but unless I do they don't come out.

Alex Mason said...

that cake looks lovely! have a great week! xx

Kayla coo said...

So glad you liked the brooch.x
I am helping with a year 10 gcse trip on Thurs to sewing for pleasure at the nec,wish me luck!!
Cake looks yum.