Mr Lurgy strikes back..

Mr Lurgy paid a visit and like those visitors that get quite settled and make you wonder, Erm just when are you off then? He has settled himself in nicely. Unfortunately this had left me somewhat frazzled and unable to function. Yikes. On the cheery side I just took delivery of this gorgeous hand tied bouquet courtesy of my best pal Elsie. Thank you Elsie you really know how to cheer a girl up x x



How do you describe one of those weekends when you have not been 100% what with a virus striking days before. I was off work the last two days last week as I have felt poorly. Frustrating as it is my mind has been whizzing and my body not able to cope/function and do anything that I deem constructive i.e. knit, sew etc. Saturday I was up early to attend an appointment at the opticians. As I was sitting waiting in the car for Mr H to scrape the windows clear I noticed that there seemed to be a Dalmatian/leopard print etched into the ice so I reached for my phone to snap away. The icy blanket that had fallen is quite magical, the patterns shift and alter with the changes in temperature. It made me think of when I was small and would trace the rain drops which ran down the window as I would sit in the back of the car.


So for all of my weekend I have been home.

It has been very cosy at home, drinking lots of tea, and eating pancakes for breakfast this morning. Funnily enough I hadn't realised the batter mix was for making American pancakes. (It must have been another of those occasions where I was whizzing round the supermarket in my ZOMBIE mode). I was rather excited by the prospect of making them in the end. Mr H was not so impressed particularly as I got so carried thinking of how to arrange and take my artful snapshot of the little delicacies, that I forgot the heat was up too HIGH, and I seemed to cook the outside TOOOOOOOOOOO quickly and the inside was well.................... squishy and tasted somewhat undercooked!! Mr H laughed!! He thinks it hilarious that I am also trained to teach food technology/old skool home economics. Not so economical I guess as they ended up in the new recycle bin for food waste. Ohhhhhhh the sweet joys.

Hopefully normality will return soon.

Oh and what do you think of the NEW look P&B? I have been reading 'Blogging for Bliss' and decided it was time for a change? Well several alterations and changes have occurred over the last two days, so if you have recently called by to check what I have been up to; nope there is no need to visit your own opticians!.


Gloomiest Day?

Were the immortal words uttered on the radio this morning. I guess it depends how you view the world. Nothing beats bright flowers to banish the winter blues. No wonder the UK felt gloomy and grey today if that's what they heard first thing this am. Keep upbeat folks!


Step away ....

Despite my good intentions .....my body is a temple hmm .....perhaps. I just can't stop looking into the tin and snaffling those remaining Christmas biscuits. I did keep out the blue shiny foil wrapped number but I have done the mature and adult thing and put it back. Just after I had already eaten 5 others. Aghh!


Healthy mind, healthy heart.

This weekend has been all about working off the stresses of the working week. Walking = healthy heart, knitting = healthy mind. Have a faberoonie week ahead. X



Ahhh I did wonder how long my, just relax........ stop and take time to think and do not become manic in your day! approach to situations would last. I would love to see myself as a calm oasis who is completely all together and totally in control breezing through life. HMMPH unfortunately due to my complete control freakish ways (at times) I just cannot let go and so after two days of being back in the saddle, writing school reports and catching my tail I feel like escaping on 'Anthroplogies' wee bike (might need to remove said cushions etc first).

Ahhhh and relax!! Must dash.


Happy Birthday

Ethel is one today.

Turkey pie

I have been chomping at the bit all Christmas wanting to make my turkey and leek pie. Finally we have had it for tea. Trouble is I am now pooped. Better go and sit down with a cup of rosie lea.
I hope your return to work had been most enjoyable.


Last chill out...

Just time to relax before the working year begins. Happy New Year to you all. Let the fun begin.