Ethel's first photographic debut.......

Getting settled in...........

Such a princess !!

Getting her full 90 mins of nap time...

We were very excited by the arrrival of our lovely mini lop Ethel, so much so I did not have time to post. It is still crazily busy here..... especially at work as it is the GCSE deadline this Easter, it has not helped by catching another bug which I have only recently recovered from. Hey ho I know a lot of folk are suffering with virus's and the like.
Anyhow this is not a whinging post it is to say hi and introduce young Ethel who is fast becoming accustomed to what is the life of riley. We love her though and its nice to have a cute wee rabbit to look after. My plea for a dog fell on death ears Mr H said it was not the right time he is right as usual as really we are out all day at work. Anyhow Ethel is quite content to sit and chew on her hay all day and contemplate the meaning of being a bunny.


Did you turn your money over??

Hello to one and all and a Happy St. David's Day to you. Well technically it is St David's evening now as ever my post is clearly post (past) the day. Ah well the thought was there anyway.

Hurrah today is the first day of spring, although Mr H has a theory that there will be another blast of cold just as we are lulled into a false sense of security. Must be mother nature having a giggle or something.

So in answer to my own opening Q. I myself did not turn my money over. In fact I was rather confused/bemused and generally unsure how you exactly go about that task. We were talking of white rabbits and all that comes with a new month or spring time etc and I was told to turn over my money. Obviously not in a menacing 'give me your money' 'hand it over' kind of way that would just be silly! Anyway its one of those old tales as it is supposed to make your money grow. Unfortunately, as per usual my purse was looking more like old mother huboard's cuboard totally bare!
I thought I might start a what's on your needles group, not sure how that will technically work , but I am going to give it a go. So the second Q of the post is indeed what's on your needles. Use the button on your blog and tell me and the bloggy world what you are knitting at present. Send me a link so I can have a wee look at what you are all up to. Knitting needles at the ready!
So on my fine bamboo needles we have ...... felted tweed shade 142. The knit is to be revealed soon. Stay tuned.
Finally I was surprised today with a little present from my very good friend Elsie. A fab notebook, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
LOVELY! I love stationary can't get enough. This unfortunatley concerns the husband tehe what's new there then!

Lovely inside pages... sorry about the photos.
YUM... I am going to use it o keep track of my rows and stitches as I knit away.

Ciao amigo's X