Bedtime Reading

I was kindly given this book this morning as part of World Book Night. It made the start of what was a wet grey day more cheery. It's a lovely concept I read said book pass it on, but track its wee journey as it gets passed around. Nice one! So here goes, how long it will be before its passed on is well anyone's guess but it will happen.....soon. Happy Reading to all involved and a belated Happy World Book Night. X


Elsie's 40th Birthday Celebrations on Friday meant that we could sample the cakes I had been baking the previous night.

So this weekend I  have welcomed a much earned rest and a cheeky read in bed whilst drinking a cup of Rosie Lea.
All this rain is certainly helping my garden, and the cherry blossom is bloomin lovely!! Right off now to catch up on the ironing!!


When 3 became 1....

Busy baking here at Pic and Bloss HQ. Ready for my best pals special birthday celebrations on Friday. Best sort the washing up out. Sadly house rabbits are no help with washing up! They are busy chilling out!


A Decorating Dinner!

The DIY continues just time for lunch.


Happy Easter

Have a fabulous Easter Sunday
everyone. Mine will be spent up a ladder as the decorating/DIY projects continue. Have fun whatever you do.