The BIG apple

Returned from the Big Apple  today. What a fab trip. More to follow and pics of Purl SoHo.

Merry Christmas........'Happy Holidays' x


Back in the saddle

Coffee break. Out and about today buying fabric. To complete Pic and Blos orders. The dear bro is busying himself with creating me a website. More to follow. Ciao x


First Day back....

I love going back to school, even now I'm in my thirties! (obviously in a teaching capacity no longer a pupil). Anyhow to make others smile in their first day back I made treats. White chocolate fridge cake. A little goes a long way unless you have a very sweet tooth. Enjoy your day all. X


St Ives

Staying in a CUTE Hotel called The Hollies in St Ives I have not been here for 15yrs. But love it. Tomorrow I am going on a course run by Poppy Treffry. Just going to get fish and chips now. Ta ra

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St Ives

Staying in a CUTE Hotel called The Hollies in St Ives I have not been here for 15yrs. But love it. Tomorrow I am going on a course run by Poppy Treffry. Just going to get fish and chips now. Ta ra

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Never one to blow my own trumpet

I am staying with my mom and dad whilst I deliver the Piccalily & Blossom goodies. Oh how I laughed this morning. Starting the day with a cup of rosie lea in a cup stating "its exhausting being fabulous" te he. Enjoy the day.


Working the late shift

Why oh why do we all do it. Think we have more time; then realise we have less time than we think and end up working through the evening. Yikes.

Sigh of relief accomplished target for this evening.

Happy 60th, yoga Tuesday and the three little cosies

HOLA ! all; just practising the holiday lingo. Despite camping out here in lil old Blighty. Anyhow today is the step fathers 60th, Happy Birthday pa. Hence the chocolate cake. Todays makes include three teacosies here is the first so after yoga this eve ill be back on Bertha finishing them off. Have fun y'all.


Pimp my crochet hook!

Wahoo after reading about Attic 24's fabarooney crochet hook I decided to jazz up the gals (sizes 3.5mm-5mm hooks) using some Fimo. Impressed am I. Now its time for some happy hooking.


Hair today ....

Well it comes to something when you spend most if your day sat in the hairdressers. Luckily for me as I hate the whole shenanigans so much I now go with my best bud Elsie,so we cause chaos and laughter with well just being us really! We thought we should have our own tv show to make the world laugh, she calls me Floss so it would be Elsie and Florence with special guest Ethel. Ok ok yes too much sun and hairspray. Back to the studio tomorrow!  Ethel was not impressed as she didn't get to have her barnet sorted.

Me & My Shadow

Sunday at the park, beautiful weather happy people milling around.......me and my shadow for company!

The current project commisioned seat cushions.

Ethels debut B&W photoshoot....poser!

The Park....its funny how some images capture the 1970s vibe, of old local picture postcards.

So as usual I had been happily snapping away with all the good intenions to upload my pictures to what appears to be this on line journal of mine, and in usual Blossom stylee I had not managed to do that. But this morning I have awoken with a slight spring in my step. I feel slightly like a butterfly must feel as it leaves its cocoon for the first time......happy.......a bit emotional?.....hopeful and overexcited ........................oh dear!!


Tuesday antics

Turning a whopping courgette into two chocolate cakes and a batch of feta cheese muffins.

Cleaning Bob

Time to chill at yoga.

I thank you and goodnight. X


My new approach to Sunday

Park, sun and a good book. The end x


Gran inspired a floral

A visit to gran and a cheeky little photo of her cut flowers and hey presto I was back home (ok not like Harry Potter magic style) but none the less I returned to my workspace and it has resulted in me creating a little vintage looking ribbon rose. Oooh coralicious! Enjoy xx


DJ Fresh & Sian Evans Louder BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge July 2011

This song means a lot to me at the moment especially with all the changes I am experiencing; for the greater good. I love hearing it on the radio, this accoustic version I heard on radio 1 on Friday. Enjoy your weekend all. X

Baking your troubles away

Baking! Chocolate cupcakes....is the answer to not worrying about anything else in life. It certainly took my mind off things that are going round my head. There were about 4 other things to do of slightly more importance but hey ho baking won the day. Sadly I only had 11 maltesers to adorn the top of these chocolate mountains (due to a previous cinema trip....no not gone mad eating half a small packet it was a grab bag). I had just enough mixture for 11 cakes oddly. But then there was the accident..... I dropped one and had to sample it; ooops! Well that was the second stroke of luck as only 10 would fit in the cake tin.


Chicken or the Egg?

Something to contemplate whilst eating scrambled egg on toast I feel.
Have a fun Sunday, mine has been lazy so far watching 'Dear John' on DVD. Visiting my mom, now I'm going to tackle some serious making.