Reindeer noses

Hand felted noses yet to be attached to 21 reindeer bodies. Orders taken from the Christmas Fair.


Craft Fair Mania

Piccalily & Blossom will be at the following venues:

2nd Dec 2012 Wylde Green Community Hall Sutton Coldfield

22nd Dec 2012 Essington Markets 
Exciting antics from the Autumn Craft Fair

Team Blossom!!

Going for Textiles Gold



The outcome. . Socktastic

See my Facebook page for the opportunity to place an order. Custom/handmade with loving care Christmas Stockings.

Chaos reigns

Busy is the season. I would not have it any other way my life that is. If I am not busy i spend far too much time mythering (sp) over something! My house is a wee bit messy after a weekend of making... The results
1. A big mess this is just a taster of the full monty mess carnage.
2. Lovely Christmas Stockings for a custom order for a teacher at work and her little boys well obviously. Right I'm off to bed! There is valuable beauty sleep to be had and I'm an hour down on time now oops.

Enjoy your week x


Lovely Autumn

Had a fabaroo evening eating delicious food and watching a fireworks display. Pyrotechnics at home is where it is at!

My very clever friend Elsie was most inspired by a picture in her calender, and came up with these little beauties. Very pretty!

My offering was Bonfire Booty Bags, Bonfire Banana muffins and Frozen cheesecake. Which the group of us have decided should be one for the future summer menus and gatherings as a frozen raspberry whilst sitting outside wrapped up in winter woollies in temperatures of 4 degrees c is not appropriate. Although everyone did eat it!

 My stall last Sunday at the local Fruit Farm. Much fun was had, I was like a giddy school child!

Loving the autumn colour, this years coat and scarf reflected the colours very nicely!

 Visited the Made to make Exhibition at Bilston Craft Gallery. Quite impressed!!

Enjoy your week ahead. I have just applied for more Craft Fairs so I better get making again.



Simple Things #6

The kindness of strangers.

I have been that busy preparing for today's craft fair that I have not posted in a while. But did want to mention that two weeks ago whilst shopping in Sainsbury's I didn't have the correct change for the pesky trolley. I asked a lady if she could help and she kindly gave me this token (its like a little present really) which sits in my purse at all times now. I was so happy that she did that; it really made me smile and realise there are some amazing, generous and helpful people still in this world. I hope you have a good week, my goal this week is to complete a random act of kindness as a sort if thank you for my positive experience.

Blossam xx


Tea Break

Craft sale this Sunday at Essington Fruit Farm. Just finishing off a few things but its time for a wee break 11's ... tea and a Mr Skele ginger bread yum.


Simple Things #5

Sitting in the candlelight crocheting with the smell of Christmas to come and winter filling the air from my candle. It's a shame my picture doesn't convey the coziness! Enjoy your evening x


Simple Things #4

Sunday morning early crochet before the world awakes. Whilst singing along to Nerina Pallot, I'll admit probably off key! Enjoy the day ahead.
Blossom x


Jesus Christ Superstar

Going out on a week night eh, whatever next. Reports of the show to follow!
Enjoy your eve too Blossom x


Simple Things #3

Freshly washed covers on my bed. Heavenly.


Simple Things #2

Warming stew . . . Starting this autumn as I mean to go on!


A side order of delightful felt cherries anyone? These lil babes from the wood will soon be gracing the top of a cupcake. Stay tuned.


Simple things #1

"Wearing novelty socks" sitting watching tv on a Saturday night in my pyjamas.


Pimp my Zara Knit

Not long ago I was out shopping (as you do being female of the species) I came across this little beauty in Monsoon. My eyes met the beautiful knit and sweet decoration. I reached for the price tag, and thought WOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH there how much??? And......... we are in a recession? Hmm me thinks those that have the cash to splash on this simple knit can carry on. I on the other hand did a deft little u turn and left Monsoon with a a click of my heels. I didn't look back!!

Sad to say that little knit had tugged at my shopping heart strings (my purse strings were still in recovery from shock). So I continued with my shopping quest and whilst I was in the Bull Ring market area purchased a piece of lace (£1.00) and two collar pieces (£1.50) and had a little vision of my own which involved a much cheaper Zara knit. GOK where-ever you are you would be proud.

Today hurrah well this evening, when I probably should have been busy making more for my stall, I decided to Pimp that Zara knit. I am pleased with the outcome. I just hope it fits tomorrow after my indulgent day of eating chocolate digestives and crafting. Well it all goes hand in hand doesn't it....craft a bit have a cup of tea and a cheeky biscuit or two.....three... OK so I ate most of the packet but I'm not counting!!!

Ethel the Great Crafting genius she is has taken it upon herself to take charge of the sewing basket. Pity I can't put her to work, I would gladly share my chocolate digestives!!

Have a good week everyone

A Belgian Moment

After last weekends school trip to France/Belgium I have quite enjoyed my weekend at home. Just stopped mid crafting for a cheeky Belgian hot chocolate marshmallows and candied roasted almonds. Well it is autumn and surely the sugar will keep me going for a little while at least.
Enjoy your Sunday xx


On my desk Friday

Inspirational images from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design this particular image is from a printed textiles student. I love the retro camera image. Enjoy your weekend x


Bye bye Britannia

Off to Ypres France to the battlefields.


On my desk Friday.....

Ok so its the end of the week and I have managed to get through work relatively unscathed. My desk still needs adressing as I left work for the weekend, but I am getting there after feeling somewhat flicked back into reality but then thats what its like when you teach. I was given a copy of Jane Eyre this morning in assembly as I am now a form teacher of Bronte House. I have year 7 so its really lovely seeing them settle in. Trouble is I will most definitely have to go back to yoga as I am bending over to hear them speak at times. It does not always help being 6ft!!

Well off for an unwind and glass of vino.

Enjoy the weekend ahead
Tidy desk tidy mind.....as you can see my desk is like a dumping ground hmmm!

Sushi Lunch.....How cute is the little soy sauce fish?? 


The Simple Things

A new magazine was released today oh joy of joys it was there waiting for me in Sainsbury's. A little light reading and a bit of crochet just bliss.
Enjoy your evening.
Blossom x


Summer Lovin...... looking back

I had a truly fantastic summer visiting lots of places and spending time at home. Back to school for me now, but I always love this time of year and the sense that Autumn is on its way. I am lucky I have two New Year starts, so here is to my New Academic year my 10th year of teaching. Still loving it!! All the best for your autumn ahead.


London St Paul's in the distance

Visited Olympic Village no access all areas sadly 

Wooh Liberty tastic at Statford tube stop/Westfield

In Regents Park
We saw Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream in the open Air theatre in Regents Park
Warwick Castle

View from the top!!

Birds of prey show

British Design  visited with pupils at school before the summer.

We saw the British Design exhibition and the Ballgowns exhibition which is still on at the moment and well worth the visit.

Trip to Africa with school lots of sketching completed

Love dem bugs!!

Weston Super-Mare sand sculptures festival
on till the end of September
Under the bed somewhere

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

A true Brit.......?