On my desk Friday.....

Ok so its the end of the week and I have managed to get through work relatively unscathed. My desk still needs adressing as I left work for the weekend, but I am getting there after feeling somewhat flicked back into reality but then thats what its like when you teach. I was given a copy of Jane Eyre this morning in assembly as I am now a form teacher of Bronte House. I have year 7 so its really lovely seeing them settle in. Trouble is I will most definitely have to go back to yoga as I am bending over to hear them speak at times. It does not always help being 6ft!!

Well off for an unwind and glass of vino.

Enjoy the weekend ahead
Tidy desk tidy mind.....as you can see my desk is like a dumping ground hmmm!

Sushi Lunch.....How cute is the little soy sauce fish?? 

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