Pimp my Zara Knit

Not long ago I was out shopping (as you do being female of the species) I came across this little beauty in Monsoon. My eyes met the beautiful knit and sweet decoration. I reached for the price tag, and thought WOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH there how much??? And......... we are in a recession? Hmm me thinks those that have the cash to splash on this simple knit can carry on. I on the other hand did a deft little u turn and left Monsoon with a a click of my heels. I didn't look back!!

Sad to say that little knit had tugged at my shopping heart strings (my purse strings were still in recovery from shock). So I continued with my shopping quest and whilst I was in the Bull Ring market area purchased a piece of lace (£1.00) and two collar pieces (£1.50) and had a little vision of my own which involved a much cheaper Zara knit. GOK where-ever you are you would be proud.

Today hurrah well this evening, when I probably should have been busy making more for my stall, I decided to Pimp that Zara knit. I am pleased with the outcome. I just hope it fits tomorrow after my indulgent day of eating chocolate digestives and crafting. Well it all goes hand in hand doesn't it....craft a bit have a cup of tea and a cheeky biscuit or two.....three... OK so I ate most of the packet but I'm not counting!!!

Ethel the Great Crafting genius she is has taken it upon herself to take charge of the sewing basket. Pity I can't put her to work, I would gladly share my chocolate digestives!!

Have a good week everyone

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