The Final Frontier

Last leg of our holiday, off to Los Angeles today. Luggage seems to be growing by the hour.

Todays sweet treat......

Pistachio ice-cream from Norman's icecreams in the Cannery (old del Monte canned peaches factory) San Fran.

Deeeeeeelicious !

The last photo sums it up really.


Cheese! Cake!

A visit to the cheesecake factory 7th floor if Macy's whilst shopping in San Fran. 7hours of shopping till we were dropping, allowed us to divulge in a cheeky Lil (large) piece of cheesecake. As pictured Apple streudal flavour ............its worth the journey accross the Atlantic just for a slice if this action! Drool!


Breakfast....... Amore

Hello all, still here in what is now sunny San Francisco. This morning was a different story as it was cold and wet!

Today started well, as fruit and waffles were on the agenda. We then walked to Pier 33 to catch the ferry to Alcatraz which included one of the best audio tours I have now been on.

The walk later from Pier 39 up to Macys was well....gruelling; but the trolley ride back to the Holiday Inn surpassed itself, needless to say I am now tired. Tomorrow myself and my future sister in law (my brother asked his girlfriend to marry him when we visited the grand canyon) will go back into the city to shop!, I have now sussed where Britex fabrics the fabric of all fabric shops is situated. Better make it a good breakfast again!

Luckily found an engagement card in a store this afternoon. The words are lovely.....How exciting!

Enjoy.......... Blossom x
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Are oreos posh bourbon biscuits?

And if so why do I like them. Not sure about bourbon (drink or biscuits) if I am honest!

2nd leg if our trip, arrived in San Francisco today.......found a gorgeous chocolate shop which sold these chocolate covered and mint oreos. Mmmmmm ! Well a girl needs calories when its cold and boy its cold in San Fran compared to Las Vegas.


Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

This morning er have we walked! Boy oh boy. Inside the Bellagio past the lobby is this oasis of tranquility. The scent of the flowers is amazing and blows you away. Photos were a must and from here we have worked our way along the strip to see some amazing hotels and sights. I was even brave enough to try my luck on the newyorkers roller coaster, with its 204ft drop. Hilarious!


The other city that never sleeps

Amazing woke up its 4.11am here. Just opened the drapes (curtains to you or I) using an electronic switch feel like the character played by Kate Winslet out of the film 'The Holiday' to find Vegas is still lit up like a Christmas tree! No doubt the revellers are still pulling on the arms of those bandits, and placing bets on the tables downstairs its so surreal and I can now understand why people lose track of time go in one place and come out 24hrs later! More sleep needed. Night x world!

Vegas Baby!

I bet you all wonder where has that girl gone? 10HOURS and one trip back in time or so it would seem and here I am in Vegas. We are staying at the Bellagio. Everything here is huge! Quite frankly! ........I am 6ft and feel dwarfed by everything around me. The room here is amazing think Kevin a la Home Alone 2 lost in New York but more Italiano! So the plan firstly close eyes, secondly try that huge bath! Then hit the strip!


Leg two of the journey....

So here I am in the virgin lounge at Gatwick airport. Complimentary drinks, food and comfy seats. Wow! Feel like a film star.


A new chapter

New beginnings always start with journeys. So here is the view of stage one of my journey, to the airport, sunset on the M6. Here is to the road ahead!


Alteration's and Preparation's

Posting for me is like waiting for a bus, none for a while then they all come at once. Last night I managed to construct this simple top using fabric from Raystitch (gorgeous). Just in record time to pack for the holiday. Packing aghhhhh one if those hateful tasks. Am I taking too much, too little have I forgotten something etc.
So ill leave you with my top and the continuously changing amarylis flower. Like I said in a previous post lots of changes taking place here at the moment too!


On my desk Wednesday

There is nothing like a surprise gift on your desk to make you smile. My friend left me this little bloom, just lovely.


Life changes!

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. There have been a lot of changes going on in my life recently.