Happy New Year

"We will open the book. It's pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and it's first chapter is New Years Day"- Edith Lovejoy Pierce


Rob Ryan Thursday

Its still the Christmas holidays ahhh sigh of relief and today we toddled across to Stafford's Shire Hall gallery to take a lookie see at the fabuloso Roberto Ryano, (Rob Ryan to his friends). One word AMAZING!!

His words really make you stop and think, you are almost holding your breath as you take it all in.

The Rob Ryan love even drifted on to the high street.
Spread the LOVE!!


Merry Christmas.....

Have a very Merry Christmas 2010 one and all.


The Eve of Christmas Eve

Ho ho ho and all that jazz, another busy day in the land of P&B, my previous post should have been posted yesterday but unfortunately my technology must have had an off day and did not co-operate. Anyhow I digress; today has been busy, busy, you will not believe it but I ended back in Sainsburys; I know madness! and they still did not have any fresh sage!! Double grr, anyway when I awoke from my gentle slumber and opened the curtains to let the day in.................................................(scratch that) more like I was awoke by the screeching of the pretend alarm bell function on my phone with a wee headache and stopped in bed grrrr. Eventually getting up! Te he.

Anyway on really opening the curtains this whopper of an icicle was suspended from our guttering and me being me said we should extract it from its new home as it would most likely end up going through the conservatory roof!! Mr H took it down and took it outside to dispose of it carefully. (Anyone would think we found a timebomb).

Ice-ice baby!!

The finished product!!! Hurrah I managed to finish Elsie's hat and wrapped it up for my visit today. She is so lovely and prepared me a delicious lunch.

Ooooooooooooooooohh and these treasures landed on the mat this morning my custom stamps for P&B hurrraaahhhhhhhhh I hear you say (oh no that was just my echo).

Finally I received a bag of Christmas pressies from Elsie and the Christmas arrangement below with beautiful greenery and lucky rosemary. What a clever clogs you are young Elsie.

Enjoy your evening.
PS I think it is my 100th post next time, tune in for exciting news!!


Sit back and go with it!

That's my advice, Christmas as lovely as it is, is totally crazy my day has comprised of navigating my way through even more snow. Here in the Midlands it snowed heavily this morning. I was attempting to deliver cards and gifts to family and friends. Then went to Sainsbury's as I was ready to get my ingredients to make alternative mince pies after being inspired by J Oliver. There must have been a run on filo and puff pastry as the shelves were bare. So I sacked off my idea and bought a box of  Sainsbury extra special ones.  Life is too short for additional pastry stress sorry Jamie. Tonight we went to Nando's and had chicken burgers hence my photos. Three more sleeps to go. Think this full moon has something to do with the odd goings on lately!  X


Crucial moment..... Or crisis in the making?

HMMPH t-minus 48hrs till delivery deadline and methinks I could be running out of wool. Sadly I did not order an extra ball double yikes. This gift could end up with a different coloured ending.


When the weather outside is frightful..............

but the fire is so delightful..............

I have had a lazy day of sorts, going through my growing pile of magazines pulling out images that are inspiring, adding to my wishlist, or project list. Note to self there are exactly 5 sleeps to go and I still need to complete two Christmas presents. Typical me!
Enjoy your evening, Jamie graces the tv at 9pm that should get me into the Christmas spirit, (not spirits!).


A child at heart.................

This morning we awoke to a blanket of fresh snow. Sunday tradition dictates tea in bed, I hoped Mr H would make it! We drew for it, well played one game of paper, scissors, stone I was quietly confident and .......................Lost (Mr H one ) he played scissors (Mrs H nil ) to my paper. Whilst I was making the tea this little chap was spotted through the bedroom window.

I love Robins......I felt like he had popped along to say Merry Christmas.

We drank our tea and ate our scrummy biscuits......................

Ethel heard there was biscuits on the go....................

I spent the morning wrapping gifts, we had eggs and soldiers for lunch and went out for our afternoon walk, with the deal we would get back to watch the muppets Christmas tv show.
The sun started to set and I had lots of fun stomping through the snow to the old fashioned post box.

Its amazing how pretty everywhere looks in the snow. I'll be off now to do some more knitting, watch The Apprentice Final and eat Pom Bears; well I have been in child mode all day why stop now?


Lacey surprise

I am a lot more excited today, it was the last day of school before Christmas and on the mat when I arrived home was a lovely surprise from Gina Ferrari. A trio of postacrds of her work titled 'Lacuna' .Thank you so much I was so excited to see my little something blue lace from my bridal bouquet stitched into your lace work. How delightful! Thankyou. Have a fun weekend. X



One day to go before School closes for Christmas. What better than to gather my thoughts with mini mince pie or two (it's allowed) and latte. Not sure about the protocol of mince pies and latte's especially latte's from a sachet! But ahhh and relax.


Erm did somebody press fast forward??

Two weeks ago today I made my delivery to the art gallery, my hours of hard work finally paid off and I was excited to see the lil items sitting in the shop this Saturday just gone when I popped in to the Queen Vic Christmas Fayre.

3d lavender bags a plenty A few more knitted brooches

Cute clutch anyone......?

Last Monday was the school trip to the clothes show live at the NEC we saw Caryn Franklin (the pupils just did not understand who she was) and George Lamb (they certainly knew who he was!!).

I felt erm too old for this caper and totally out of touch with young fashion!

To be honest I am rather glad its too cold to not wear a cardigan (mum you must be so proud those words have finally left my lips)

Last Thursday was my Christmas sale at school, hurrah. But silly me I was up till 1am the night before and then foolishly felt the urge to get up at 5.30am the following morning!

Clearly this deserved a biscuit and builders kind of kick start!! Yes I know its not what the doctor ordered!

Ethel was full of beans as usual.....

Just time to take a few sneaky shots of the goodies on sale.

Christmas smelly squares went down well.

Clutch bags with felt roses did well too,

Felted puddings sold out!

As did the hand felted pin cushion/pot cupcakes

Then here I am landing with a bump this evening, where I have made up two further draught excluders for commissions.

Cute buttons

Ethel approved hearts......spread the love Ethel.....

and finally a commissioned toiletries bag....I hope they go down well when I take them in tomorrow. All after a full day at work yikes!!!!!!!!!

I would now go and read my cheesy chick lit but I feel like Droopy the dog.

Night one and all :)