Erm did somebody press fast forward??

Two weeks ago today I made my delivery to the art gallery, my hours of hard work finally paid off and I was excited to see the lil items sitting in the shop this Saturday just gone when I popped in to the Queen Vic Christmas Fayre.

3d lavender bags a plenty A few more knitted brooches

Cute clutch anyone......?

Last Monday was the school trip to the clothes show live at the NEC we saw Caryn Franklin (the pupils just did not understand who she was) and George Lamb (they certainly knew who he was!!).

I felt erm too old for this caper and totally out of touch with young fashion!

To be honest I am rather glad its too cold to not wear a cardigan (mum you must be so proud those words have finally left my lips)

Last Thursday was my Christmas sale at school, hurrah. But silly me I was up till 1am the night before and then foolishly felt the urge to get up at 5.30am the following morning!

Clearly this deserved a biscuit and builders kind of kick start!! Yes I know its not what the doctor ordered!

Ethel was full of beans as usual.....

Just time to take a few sneaky shots of the goodies on sale.

Christmas smelly squares went down well.

Clutch bags with felt roses did well too,

Felted puddings sold out!

As did the hand felted pin cushion/pot cupcakes

Then here I am landing with a bump this evening, where I have made up two further draught excluders for commissions.

Cute buttons

Ethel approved hearts......spread the love Ethel.....

and finally a commissioned toiletries bag....I hope they go down well when I take them in tomorrow. All after a full day at work yikes!!!!!!!!!

I would now go and read my cheesy chick lit but I feel like Droopy the dog.

Night one and all :)

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