The Eve of Christmas Eve

Ho ho ho and all that jazz, another busy day in the land of P&B, my previous post should have been posted yesterday but unfortunately my technology must have had an off day and did not co-operate. Anyhow I digress; today has been busy, busy, you will not believe it but I ended back in Sainsburys; I know madness! and they still did not have any fresh sage!! Double grr, anyway when I awoke from my gentle slumber and opened the curtains to let the day in.................................................(scratch that) more like I was awoke by the screeching of the pretend alarm bell function on my phone with a wee headache and stopped in bed grrrr. Eventually getting up! Te he.

Anyway on really opening the curtains this whopper of an icicle was suspended from our guttering and me being me said we should extract it from its new home as it would most likely end up going through the conservatory roof!! Mr H took it down and took it outside to dispose of it carefully. (Anyone would think we found a timebomb).

Ice-ice baby!!

The finished product!!! Hurrah I managed to finish Elsie's hat and wrapped it up for my visit today. She is so lovely and prepared me a delicious lunch.

Ooooooooooooooooohh and these treasures landed on the mat this morning my custom stamps for P&B hurrraaahhhhhhhhh I hear you say (oh no that was just my echo).

Finally I received a bag of Christmas pressies from Elsie and the Christmas arrangement below with beautiful greenery and lucky rosemary. What a clever clogs you are young Elsie.

Enjoy your evening.
PS I think it is my 100th post next time, tune in for exciting news!!


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