What a busy weekend we have had again, so much so that I have been told that next weekend we are definitely going walking..... up the Wrekin apparently as Mr Pic n Blos (to be) has had enough of 9-5 and organising Weddings!! HMMM the latter being a wee bit debatable. But he did do well helping to finalise the Wedding Breakfast choices and details of the Reception today!!

We were doing our best to weave through the crowds of shoppers on Saturday whilst buying things for the wedding, we were tired and moody due to the lack of customer service in some stores!! and hunger (I will not go on). Anyway it's amazing how 30 min's in Waterstones can get you back on the straight and narrow. I chanced upon this book and just had to get it. Its full of quirky sock monster ideas and a few bizarre sketches which freak me out a little but hey....

I never really knew about Sock Monsters until I visited the Flair Fair last Christmas and purchased one. Pic of George to follow soon (when I'm less tired). So I was amazed at the weird and wonderful selection of said creatures I found on the net when I looked yesterday.
I had a eureka moments and now I'm planning a project for School making SOCK CREATURES as it will link nicely to the Sustainability module we do.

Watch this space for Sock Monster creations......coming soon!

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lou said...

That book looks fab, I would love to know how you get on with it.
It sounds like you are still really busy with the wedding; I hope we are going to see lots of lovely pictures after the wedding???????Love Lou xxx