Cake O'clock and other adventures

Its been a busy old morning here at Pic & Blos HQ. Some ye locals were out making the most of the October sunshine.
BREAKING NEWS :Squirel suns himself after eating contents of bird table! Bless !!!!
Ethel has been practising for the 100m sprint for the 2012 olympics. I think she has a fair chance as she is like a whippet.
I have been well making a mess in the kitchen, baking for my forms cake sale.
The butter iced goods......
After all my hard work I decided it was time for a wee sit down and spot of tea.
How civilised 'Cake O'clock'

Past the hour obviously!!

Ciao have a fun week, hopefully I will manage to get through my lunch hour without evacuting the school.

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The Patchwork Heart said...

We have resorted to a squirrel baffle to keep them off our bird table! It works a treat and so now they just have to eat the dropped seeds off the floor :0 ) We were getting so mad as they were eating all the bird feed!