The Princess & the Pea

That is what my pile of ironing reminded me of; the story of the Princess and the Pea. The growing pile of ironing that faced me however was more of a nightmare than a fairytale. Aghh I actually think its moving. My spare room has nothing on Widow Twanky!
I am now half way there through the jungle of ironing, more treats tommorow after work. Lucky me!, its amazing how quickly things get out of hand. The only thing 'pressing' me on is the fact I am using my new iron. Its an ECO iron so I was quite impressed with the sales blurb. Luckily the Sainsburys petrol nectar points paid for my new toy courtesy of Argos. Pity they do not come with a built in operative. Aparently it will only take 8 years to save £50 in electricity costs whilst I am using it. Still, its a saving none the less. Have a fun week. X

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