Heigh ho heigh ho..... its back to school I go.....

Well ever since I have been small I have always returned to school with a new bag, and possibly a pencil case. Lucky me this Christmas my brother in law and his family bought me a Cath Kidston spotty number!!! Too exciting. Anyway I have spent some time this afternoon writing my school reports, making a small gift for my best mate Elsie all to be revealed when she opens it. Whilst listening to Jamie Cullum's new album (Christmas Gift from Mr H/we are going to see him in May very very excited about that too.) I have listened to it several times now and it is another winner in my book! I do know that Mr Cullum is not everyones cup 'o' tea but he is very good. His Rihanna cover please don't stop the music is fab fab fab, and I do not like Rihanna's tracks sorry Rihanna fans.

So I will leave you all be, I am off to knit a broach to go with my outfit for school. I was sad when I caught up with the ironing and organised my wardrobe, (well section of it) into outfits. Thought a nice jaunty red broach was in need for the morning.

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Alexandra Mason said...

Love your bag, have a great week! xx