New Year ....New you?

Well steady on......its a New Year at least.

Our day has consisted of playing Cluedo, then playing Scrabble. I was very excited by my winning score and word combination which gained me 51 points. The word was quince by the way. Mr H found an invitiation in the box to join a scrabble games group. Yikes !! The pressure, we decided not to pursue this idea.

The score sheet WAHOOOO!

So apart from reading Country Homes and Interiors and the Feb edition of Simply knitting I have not done a lot at all. This is worrying in one way, but the reality is I am storing energy and ideas ready to blast school report writing and textiles projects.

I will not make you yawn with the talk of my frustrations of which project next, the little time I have and yadda yadda......

My resolution........... I didn't have one as such which makes you feel refreshingly unpressured.
Instead I have chosen to take each day as it comes, whilst trying to make at least one person feel good about themselves each day.

Mission accomplished today Mr H is feeling most excellent (probably due to peace and quiet and watching TV without me giving him any jobs to do. TeHe)

I hope your first day started as you mean to go on. X


maggik1 said...

Just the kind of NYD to get the year off to a good start! It would be great if it could stay like this? We'll have to try? Sounds like a NYR?

lou said...

Happy New Year!!!

Love Lou xxx

sooziebee said...

i totally agree about resolutions!! no pressure, i just make a ist of things I would like to do during the next year, and places I would like to go, and it's great to see what you have accomplished at the end of the year, sounds like you had a similar new years day to me, great isn't it just chilling!! Have a good 2nd of jan too x