Crazy Week so far

It all began on a Monday.....

I was not too concerned about returning to work. I was all ready heading out early due to the ice and snow and low and behold my little vehicle decided not to cooperate. It had what you may call a tizzy! So Mr H had to make a BIG diversion to my place of work before heading off himself.

In the evening dear Polly decided to come back to life, and has been spending her evenings in the garage ever since!

(The crazy week)

The rest of the week, well it could only get better right!

ERM..... as you all know by Wednesday most of the UK looked slightly whiter than usual.

Our school was still open for business, so off I went Wednesday dressed for arctic conditions. On top of that I had foolishly left the tree up to be taken down oh clever me! It was all a bit much really.

However today was a SNOW DAY. So.........

I tidied the house and decided to paint a cupboard.

From this.....

To this......

Ahhh quite pleased am I!!
Ciao X

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Alexandra Mason said...

Love your cupboard :) have a great (not so crazy) week xx