Evolution of a theme

Hi again, Im pleased to be able to post so frequently this week, Im sure it will not last (sigh; such little faith Samantha). Oh thats me by the way... I wasn't actually christened Piccalily or Blossom, tehe.
Anyway one digresses AGAIN!

So what's been going down, apart from the white stuff. If you missed out here is video evidence that it did snow on Tues, and yes I am sad enough to stand and video it on the camera.

Technical hitch VIDEO A NO NO SORRY I know you all wanted to see but look closely and you can see white blur's in my pic :)
Watch out Mr Spielberg! Well obviously no competition here.
So what else have I been up to?
I have made these little ladies.

And these Heart shaped Christmas dec's.

Today was supposed to be my second stitchathon day, but I found Laura Ashley calling me as there is 10% off the lovely garments. Well as Im trying to go all vintage thought it rude not to pop in. Much to my moms, erm delight I think...... she has the patience of a saint as she was yes...ing and no...ing to the clothes I was trying on.
So tonight we have had this:

Jamie Olivers CHILLI (note Mr Olivers entourage if one is to read this I am championing the cause).
And made these hence the evolution title, they are the favours for our wedding next year Im just trying to be organised. They started too small, then looked too plain so they mutated (altered) into these babies.

Front Back

Quite pleased so just off to make another 31 thats if my Snow video clip ever loads. Im sure Ill be inundated with viewers for that anyhow????



Kayla coo said...

Hi Samantha,
Great idea for your wedding favours.
Looks like another delicious meal.
Are you back to school on Monday?!

Louise said...

The wedding favours are such a great idea! They are so lovely and much more personal!
These will stay in my inspirational thinking bank for my wedding day!

Ooops, actually it would halp if I was engaged first I guess!