My week in pictures PART 1

Last Sunday we went to Bodenham Aboretum..... it was beautiful the colours of leaves were fantastic this one in particular really stood out.

Then Monday I found myself travelling to France.... along with 42 pupils and 4 members of staff.
Tuesday was spent in this place.......

Halloween celebrations Mickey Mouse style.

It was quite an odd experience, I have visited the park many times when I have taken pupils on the school trips and once when I was young. It has an unusual sort of charm. It was sweet seeing all the small childrens eyes filled with wonder. But odd to see adults, mooching around going mad for Mickey.

Lots of people it was very busy!!

OOOH snacks at lunch.

I took myself off for a walk and recorded lots of amazing little finds. It was a fine balance between a pretend reality and the very plastic fake feeling bright Halloween pumpkins, but I found beautiful pattern in lots of places.

OOPS more snacks !!

Ceiling of a walkway.

So tame the little French bird.

Store windows.

Display of vintage patchworks in an old fashioned cafe.

Quite inspirational.

It turned very dark and the park was strangely illuminated.

Then more pattern from the coach window whilst touring Paris on Wednesday.

In reflection this week, I have decided to learn to speak French..... I will keep you all informed.
I also decided to travel more and read Jane Austen's Novels. (Two English teachers went on the trip) I was inspired!!
Yesterday I spent the day (after a long sleep in), tidying the house and moving furniture. Today has been shopping and making a ottoman into a shaby chic window seat. Currently drying!!
Also so EXCITED we managed to get Jamie Cullum tickets for next May in Birmingham. Just caught up with his Radio 2 session tht played this evening.

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