Friend's and Flowers

I am so lucky to have lovely friends. Friday there was a knock at the door and on opening it I was greeted with this lovely arrangement of flowers. They came from the same florist (Paula's) who did my wedding flowers. Very clever ladies..... the sender was my beautiful friend Beth. Who cheered me up from my gloomy I feel sorry for myself being stuck indoors with a virus state!
Bloomin marvellous flowers.

Ah one of my fave pic's.

Hmmm its cake o' clock in our house!
Did I mention I love cupcakes??
Popped out for milk..... there just happens to be a Laura Ashley by Sainsburys near us, OOPS so I accidentally purchased a cute new mug.....(and cardigan (in the sale!)).
Oh and could not resist his charming buddy.

Did I also tell you about my oh so clever friend Beth?? She did this for me before I left school for the summer. She made it !! very clever lady and filled it with scented bath bombs candles and Wedding goodies. When I opened it I burst in to tears it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. Its amazing how a scent transports you back to a moment in time, every time I open up the box for a sniff I am transported back to July.
I haven't the heart to take all the bits out, so I treat myself every now and then with a cheeky lil look inside.
Oooh a cupcake.... heavens!!.
Let them eat cake!!
So today as i feel a lot better I have made Sean's favourite, chocolate brownies. He has after all suffered over the last two weeks hearing me moan about feeling so ill.
I even wrapped up a few for my friends at work who have covered all my classes whilst I have been away.
Ciao for now X


lou said...

Hello stranger! Gorgeous flowers and the box full of beautiful things from your friend…well what can I say apart from you lucky girl.

You looked so beautiful in the wedding pictures; I’m so pleased you had a lovely day.

Get well soon love Lou xxx

Alex Mason said...

Hi, lovely post, hope you are feeling better x x x

Kayla coo said...

Hope your feeling better soon.
lovely wedding picture.x