A bit of this and that..................


To my little bolt hole.

This is now my official mess making room or as I like to think of it my lil studio.

I mentioned I was working on a few things, this was one of them I may try to pull together a few more of these neck warmers to sell on Etsy. What do you think??? My intention was to try to get ready for a local Christmas Craft Fair but fear I am running out of time. After the wedding.....being poorly.... oh and a full time teaching job.....there is very little time left. Plus this half term I am heading off for three days on a school trip to France.

Finally finished my crocheted panel, I should have photographed the back too, as I have used a sweet vintage fabric to make an envelope style cushion back. I do like it, but I am now thinking of putting it up for sale. One way ticket to Etsy I think.

Another cushion, the front read's 'OOH ER ME HEARTY'

My talented sibling..... Now it may not be your thing to see car's on a textiley type blog, but I had to share this with the world. He is super clever, having built his own car. It has featured in this months Kit Car mag. So if you see a copy have nose, as its that there Piccalily girls brother.

5 dedicated pages and the front cover, very proud was I. Although strangely shocked too to read he is anticipating completing more of these erm.......... large scale projects.
Well done bro!!

Here he is...... in the last pic.

To end on a fabric high note.... a little textiles vintage purchasefrom Viv at Hensteeth. Well it was just rude to leave her over in Etsy.

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Kayla coo said...

Cosy work room,really lovely.
Have a fun time on your trip.x